This Barn Home is Divided into Three Buildings on a Colorado Ranch

The site for this barn style house is part of a working ranch, set on a spectacular plateau at eight thousand feet. Colorado Ranch is set next to a stand of aspen with distant views to Steamboat Springs. The modern barn project is divided into three small cabin buildings, each sited to tuck into the edge of the aspen grove and to form a loosely arranged compound. The clients of this barn style house requested modestly sized living spaces for both practical and philosophical reasons. They wanted to use each space on a daily basis and to minimize energy consumption. The barn style house has large roofs that are scaled in response to the vast landscape, to shelter the compact modern barn and to create generous protected outdoor areas that look across the plateau to the mountains beyond.

This barn style house has plenty of features to love. From the moment you set eyes on it, you are inspired by the peaked roof, the front covered patio and the stunning stone fireplace. The front patio alone makes both living and staying in this Colorado Ranch house a dream. The front patio has scenic views of the surrounding landscape and mountains which makes this the perfect patio to sit back and relax. Inside you'll find an open area that feels extra spacious because of the peaked roof and ceiling. You'll find post and beams throughout this barn style house and wood used to give a cozy and warm look and feel.

The other two cabin buildings on the site are just as good as the main house. One of the buildings is done in wood similar to the main barn style house, while the other in done in stone like the stone fireplace in the main building. Inside one of the smaller buildings is finished in wood with built-in bookshelves, storage and counter space, perfect for eating or use as a desk. All three of the cabin buildings are masterfully finished and a perfect complement to the landscape that surrounds them.

Each of the three cabin buildings offers up plenty of inspiration in what could be a vacation home of your own. This, of course, is the ultimate vacation getaway or would work just as well as a full-time residence all year long. Imagine waking up to those amazing views all year long, especially in the winter when the mountains are covered with snow. The stone fireplace in the main cabin building is the perfect place to gather around with family and friends when the weather gets a bit cooler, and the outdoor patio provides the perfect place to cozy up and look at the stars almost any time of the year. Whenever you are considering your future home design, you want to take a look around your building site and take in the views to implement them into the design of your home. You'll want to think about how the view, sunrise and sunset will affect your house to design it in a way that works.

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