650 SqFt Urban Micro Home

You'll want to take a look inside this urban micro tiny house building, and see its efficient use of space. The 650 square foot unique small house plan has a permanent foundation and is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The tiny house building has a modern/industrial feel with lots of natural building materials, for a modern look and feel. The tiny house building was built for clients who love the outdoors and also love to entertain. Some of the best features in this tiny house buildings include vaulted ceiling that helps to open up the space, smart home features and a window filled garage door that opens into the living area. Other features include the storage underneath the stairs, the sugi ban barn door, and covered outdoor patio. When you look inside this tiny house building, it feels anything but small. You will want to take a look at the Wind River Tiny Homes site to see all that is available.

This micro tiny house building is just one of the unique small house plans you can consider when thinking about small house living. There are many reasons that small house living has become so popular in recent years, one of the biggest benefits is affordability. A tiny house building can be used for a variety of uses from full-time living, vacation home, artist studio, in-law suite, guest house and more. A tiny house building can make a great vacation home, and a tiny house on wheels can be brought along with you on vacation. Some people wonder what the difference between RVs and tiny houses on wheels are, and one of the biggest differences is that a tiny house building can feel more like a permanent home. That's probably because tiny house buildings can be customized to fully accommodate its owner's needs, whereas RVs and trailers are designs that are mass-produced with less flexibility in their layout and design.

Tiny house buildings offer a range of personalized unique features and designs. Tiny house buildings can be built from the ground up for full-time living in very cold climates, or to be comfortable in hot climates. For making the interior of a tiny house building more comfortable while keeping its energy use low, tiny house buildings can be outfitted with heat-recovery ventilators, woodstoves, radiant-floor heating, solar power systems, heat pumps and more.

Tiny house buildings are also more durable and less toxic than many RVs. Most tiny house buildings are built with better, higher-quality building materials. Since RVs are meant for leisure travel, they are generally built with building materials that add to their lightweight-ness, rather than for durability. That said since RVs and trailers are built more lightweight, they are a lot easier to tow on a regular basis. Tiny houses on wheels are meant to stay in one place for a longer period and are better suited for full-time living. Tiny house buildings can be less toxic than both RVs and trailer, and that's because tiny house homeowners generally can choose what kind of building materials and finishes to have in their unique small house plans. This can be a real bonus for people who have chemical sensitivities. In a tiny house building, it is common to hear about building materials to include recycled, eco-friendly, low VOC paints and more. With so many unique small house plans available there is something to suit any lifestyle and need.

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