Young Man Gets Laid Off and Builds Tiny House Cabin From Scratch

If you've ever considered building a tiny house you'll know that there are plenty of different routes you can take. This video is about how one man built a tiny cabin building from scratch, you'll want to take a look as you are sure to learn some helpful ideas on tiny house building. In this time-lapse video, the builder goes from start to finish, beginning with a tiny house trailer with the addition of the floor frame, and from there the four wall frames go up. Along the way, you'll see a couple of mistakes, which is par for the course, and it's a lot of fun seeing each step of the building process.

Once the four wall frames are up, the tiny house frame is pulled to a different location which is quite beautiful surrounded by greenery, and the unique roof is added. The tiny house is starting to take shape, and you can see where the design is headed. Next, a window and a set of french doors are added, along with the lining of the wooden frame. You'll get to see how the siding is milled from the property that the tiny house sits on, while the builders add it to the tiny house design, and from there it starts to look like a home. It's nice to see that this tiny house design is built by some friends, which helps to get the job done that much quicker. This design used the wood siding all the way up the cabin building to include the roof, which gives the home a look all its own.

Around the french doors are beautiful woven branches that further add to the unique design of the tiny home, and make it fit perfectly into its natural surroundings. Now it's time to begin work on the interior of the tiny home, with insulation added, a floor for the loft, and wooden tongue and groove paneling. The framing for the kitchen cabinets is worked on, and the kitchen sink and tap are added, along with a wooden kitchen countertop, gas LRG hob, and fridge. The tiny house uses pine throughout from the walls to the ceiling, and wooden live edge kitchen cabinets that you'll be sure to love. Pocket lights are added to the main floor ceiling. Danish oil is applied to the wooden interior for protection of the wood, and aesthetic appeal.

Stick-on tile is added to the kitchen wall along with wooden shelves. To get to the upstairs loft a wooden ladder is added. One of the best things about this tiny house design is that it is run by solar power, an efficient way that not only saves the owner money, but allows the tiny house design to be off the grid, and opens up options of where the owner can live. There is something especially satisfying about watching this tiny cabin building from start to finish and may even inspire you for a tiny house build of your own.

More about this story can be found at: YouTube - Jacob Harrell

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