What It Lacks in Size The 2 Plus Classic Tiny House Certainly Makes up for in Design

The 2 Plus Classic is a one-bedroom prefabricated tiny house manufactured by Freedomky in the Czech Republic. The tiny house space measures just 465 square feet and is viable with a choice of two different floor plans and with a variety of options and finishes. Other models are available as well, and they can be joined to form larger homes if desired. The 2 PLUS Classic was designed by architect Marek Štěpán. The tiny house layouts were designed for efficiency and include lots of built-in storage, giving the tiny house a cozy boat like feel. Anticipating that many potential buyers of the modern tiny home would want to use it as a vacation home, Štěpán designed the deck to fold up as a security shutter over the patio doors when the home is not occupied.

Freedomky offers several other options that make it easy for customers to use the 2 PLUS Classic off-grid. It can be ordered with a wood stove and a roof-mounted solar water heater and photo-voltaic panels pre-installed. This tiny house prefab dwelling has everything that a single person or couple would need to live comfortably. This modern tiny house is stunning inside, you will want to take a closer look at all the detailed photos! The use of lots of white and horizontal wood strips on both the exterior and interior of the modern tiny house make for a clean-lined and fresh modern look that you are sure to enjoy. The use of lots of wood in the tiny home is appealing, you'll want to see the kitchen with the kitchen table/island and matching kitchen cabinets, they look so great.

Have you ever wondered what its like to live in a tiny house? Did you know that tiny houses have been around for thousands of years in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs? Tiny houses like this one are starting to become more popular again as a way to make up for the increase in house and property prices. They offer a more affordable and practical way for people to own their own homes. These days it seems like everywhere you look you are seeing tiny houses from locations all over the world.

It seems more and more people are thinking about tiny homes, and because of that, you are seeing a variety of designs, styles and plans available to choose from. In this modern world, many of us have become accustomed to living in larger sized homes when in fact we really don't need as much space as we all think. Tiny house living is a lesson in simplicity and a break away from needing so much, in this consumer-driven world we live in. We could all use a bit less stuff, and with that, we could save some money and possibly afford to do more of the things we love. Would you live in a tiny house like this one? Or maybe you could even imagine yourself using it as a vacation home.

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