How to Enjoy Big Comfort in a Small Footprint With This Stylish Tiny House on Wheels

Now, this is a tiny house that anyone could get comfy in. This small home on wheels has so much to love about it including it's cozy Southwestern style. No matter what setting they are placed in, tiny homes are some of the most adorable structures in the world. This modern style tiny house definitely has a very quaint and lovable appeal to it, that you just can't find in ordinary homes in the suburbs. So many of the houses in newer neighbourhoods tend to look like cookie cutter versions of themselves, replicated over and over again, just in different shades of paint. That is the awesome thing about tiny houses, even though there are many awesome things about them, it is so much fun to design your very own personal tiny house, and each person might have a different design.

This tiny house is bright and actually quite spacious inside. The thing that is so great about it is that it is a tiny house, but with a very contemporary, look. The exterior looks wonderful, with the natural wood siding, and then the slate rock on the bottom. It would definitely fit in wherever the owners decide to put it, whether its in a city or town or in a more rural setting out in the country in nature. It could really take on either world and look great anywhere. They added a lot of great large windows into this one which really adds to the brightness aspect of this tiny home, allowing so much great sunlight to come in and illuminate the space. The windows also help to create the illusion of more space, opening the home up to the outdoors and allowing the outdoors in.

The other wonderful thing is that they have not one, but two loft areas, which is a great idea. One, they use for sleeping, and it is a fairly good size of a loft, and one is used for a sitting room, or an extra space for reading, relaxing or for guests to stay. The bedroom area is quite large, and allows for space on both sides of the bed, that looks to be a double or even maybe a queen size. And it's so great to have so many windows, and even a skylight in the bedroom, to keep the air flow circulating and of course to star gaze at night. The finishings they chose look awesome as well and really suit the space overall.

The other great thing about this tiny house is the kitchen. For most tiny houses usually just have a small little oven and a hot plate, but this one has a full, gas stove and a full sized refrigerator, and a nice large sink. It even looks like there is a dishwasher in there too. Plus there is good cabinet space, which you need for storage to keep things looking neat and tidy in a smaller space. Part of the kitchen counter even folds out to have some additional counter or table space, which is brilliant. This shows that with some ingenuity you can really take a small space and stretch it, when you use the right design and really think about the floor plan and how to use every square inch of the home so that there is no wasted space. They even hang their bikes from the roof to save space. The patio on the front and the side of the home is really great as well, and adding plants always makes any space feel more cozy and homey.

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