Clever Container Home Guest House is Both Economical and Beautiful

When shipping containers started being made into homes, it was a surprise for many. It was one of those ideas that people couldn't get enough of and gave a whole new meaning to living an off-grid life. Lots of people are now following this trend, saying goodbye to the pain of big mortgages and monthly house rentals. Once you have found the luxury that you can have in living in a steel container, there is no turning back. Some have even stepped it up a notch by creating guesthouses and rentals that are made of steel containers just like this guesthouse located in Portugal.

The Algarve region in southern Portugal has been blessed by the presence of this awesome steel container guesthouse. Tourists can’t help but admire the steel container design and style of this home design. Arnold Aarssen is the architect from Studio Arte’s vision that turned this steel container into a masterpiece. The shipping container home was called Nomad Living, and it’s for a good reason if you come to look at it closely. It’s for people who are interested in living a life off the grid. But in all honesty, you won't feel like a Nomad with all the modern furniture and appliances that this steel container guesthouse has inside. Nomad Living is a 40-foot steel container that is orange in color. This shipping container home has a living room and sleeping room. It also has a bathroom and a dining area. There isn't a kitchen inside Nomad Living because this is just a guesthouse, so it's not needed. But other than that, it is still very efficient. This steel container home has 320 square feet of space, perfect for a quick stay in a guesthouse.

This bright orange steel container guest house sits under a tree in the scenic Algarve region of southern Portugal. This steel container home is the first in what architect Arnold Aarssen of Studio ARTE envisions as a new line of dwellings that are built from repurposed shipping containers. The Nomad Living steel container homes are intended to provide economical and relocatable living quarters and can be produced using various finishing building materials. Nomad Living is a shipping container guest house that expands out to a shaded terrace.

The tiny house design is built from a 40-foot shipping container and has 320 square feet of floor space. Except for the bathroom at one end, the unique small house plan is one open room that serves as living, dining and sleeping space. To keep the steel container home cool in Algarve’s sunny climate, a second roof was built over the steel container with a ventilation space in between keeps the sun from hitting the steel container itself. There is a huge opening that was cut in the side and fitted with sliding glass doors, which allows the living space to expand out to a sailcloth-covered terrace. The architect designed the terrace as a true outdoor room with well-defined boundaries established by the shade structure and curtains. By turning the terrace into a room and removing the visual barrier that was between the inside and the terrace, it is perceived as part of the living space, which also doubles the size of the dwelling.

More about this story can be found at: Studio Arte

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