Vaulted Panels Make These Prefab Homes Perfect for Eco Housing

Green Magic Homes have designed a new kind of living environment. These spacious, serene, and illuminated interior spaces are perfectly designed to integrate with the beauty of nature, surrounded by lush vegetation. The Green Magic eco buildings are covered by soil and some rich greenery, to make them energy efficient and energy saving while managing to keep the temperature balanced inside which helps to foster restful sleep and rejuvenation. These eco buildings allow you to embrace a lifestyle that calms your senses, fills you with joy, and inner peace while keeping you connected nature.

One example of these prefab eco buildings is the Monaco Studio which has a 421 square foot floor plan. This prefab eco-building is a studio style design with one bathroom. This one bedroom prefab model keeps living affordable and is unlike any other home design in your neighborhood. They have designed it using eco-conscious building materials, for the person who wants to live a bit differently and get back to a more natural lifestyle. Some of the advantages of these eco buildings are its high efficiency and energy saving construction, eco-friendly manufacturing, fast and easy assembly, fairy and full of natural light inside, reduces the heating and cooling bills and maintenance, the GMH structure is a perfect waterproof barrier. Other benefits of these prefab eco buildings include the green roofs and walls, passive solar design, carbon footprint reduction, modular construction system consisting of a lightweight, strong shell, aerospace building materials, resistant to corrosion and damage from the weather and the endless range of possible variations in design.

These prefab eco buildings are creative, modern and smart. They are functional and efficient beautiful organic spaces. The eco homes are completely waterproof, with clean lines. Green Magic Homes have built eco homes with modular components manufactured with the latest generation of fiber reinforced polymer technology. The modern eco buildings are available at reasonable prices, offering infinite home design possibilities and comfort, with quick assembly and total security at an engineering and construction level.

Eco-Friendly Construction. The eco buildings are built from high tech building materials with exceptional durability results in less environmental impact versus regular house construction. Energy Efficient. By having low energy requirements along with high energy standards, these prefab eco buildings use up to 70 percent less energy versus conventional home designs. Spacious Environments. The prefab eco buildings have open layouts, arched ceilings, large windows and courtyards that provide a spacious and ample feel even in the smallest of unit sizes. Lush Vegetation. You can pick a flower, a vegetable or fruit from your window, enjoy the butterflies around your eco house and feel nature all around you. These aesthetically pleasing eco homes offer a unique option in home designs.

Green Magic Homes are the manufacturers and owners of the Patent of Invention for the construction of homes and modular spaces that are covered with natural soil and gardens. They use the latest generation components of prefab in fiber reinforced composites. Green Magic Homes offer certified technology, with Structural Engineering calculations developed in the USA, Europe and South America, which meets all of the international standards to be approved and built in any country in the world.

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