A Family's Eco-Home... What Better Way to Appreciate Nature Than Giving Back by Living Green?

This family eco-home located on the Gold Coast of Australia is a great example of how stylish and beautiful eco-friendly building can be. The home was built by DJG Projects, a bespoke eco home building company that was founded by David Goymour who has always had a passion for creating beautiful buildings that incorporate affordable sustainability. He has over 15 years of experience building homes and other structures which he now offers through his company DJG Projects. The company mainly focuses on using eco-friendly and recycled materials so that sustainability is at the forefront of every project they work on. The company is an accredited HIA Green Smart Builder, and they've built multiple homes and buildings in the Eco-Village in Currumbin Valley which is Australia’s Best Sustainable Development. The development has won 25 Industry and Government Awards making it the leading sustainable and eco-friendly development. DJG Projects is also the 2017 HIA Green Smart National and Regional Finalist for one of their awesome off-grid projects. So they are very invested in creating homes that not only work smarter and that are healthier for the families and people inhabiting them, but that also work better for the environment and create a brighter and more harmonious future for us all.

DJG Projects create custom architectural homes, and they also do renovations and upgrades to suit people's personal style and needs. From smaller builds and renovations to larger projects like this one and everything in between, they are passionate about designing and building all kinds of homes like this eco home that was built for a family on the Gold Coast. The home looks like a pretty regular home, but there are tons of amazing features that bring it from ordinary to extraordinary like solar panels on the roof to create some sustainable power for the entire home. With a solar panel system like this, the family should be able to rely on the energy of the sun to power their entire home. Since the home's square footage was kept low too, this means that less energy is required to run the household as well making it more efficient. They would probably also have lower utility bills as well. The company seems to have also integrated some passive house design concepts into the home by orienting the home a certain way on the property to take advantage of the sun's light and to also create shade was needed to keep the home cool.

The home features plenty of windows which are not only for views but also to let in the light to bring energy usage down and to bring in heat as well. They implemented some reused materials including the wood that the door is built out of and some of the other wood used in the project. It's touches like these that not only make the built a bit more affordable, but they also bring in a lot of character and history into the home design. Inside, the home is beautiful, with a very clean, contemporary minimalist design. There's just something so pleasant about the clean lines and neutral tones that puts you at ease and makes you feel relaxed in a space. The kitchen is one of the highlights of the home with plenty of counter space and stainless steel appliances as well as counter height windows for views of the outdoors. The other great feature of this home is the wrap around deck which embraces the outdoors and makes it part of the living space: what a great home design and a beautiful family home that the owners will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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