Its Sloping Green Roof Integrates this Family Home into the Hilly Landscape

Created by BLIPSZ Architecture, this incredible design was created for a client as a residential home. The build was pushed to be done rather quickly back in 2008 when the clients had a third child on the way. The home was built into a hillside merged with the surrounding landscape giving the home a green roof of fresh grass so green and perfect it looks like it could be on a golf course. There's even a little pop-up window at the top slope of the roof as well letting light in through the ceiling like a skylight. The south-facing terrace acts as the main lounging space , and the home is open to beautiful views of the property and the views in the distance. There's even an outdoor wood-fired oven to use for fires and even for cooking. The land takes precedence in this design which is how the owners wanted it since they wanted an eco-friendly design. The designers and builders also implemented some passive house design techniques which assist the house in maintaining it's temperature. The home makes use of awnings and the green roof to cool it in the summer when the weather is hot. From the front of the home, it seems pretty regular, although quite a contemporary design with a lot of angled and square lines. The colours are mainly neutral on the exterior with a grey stone on the bottom portion of the house and a lighter wood panelling on the upper portion. The windows add a pop of colour with some cedar framing and encasements adding some juxtaposition and brightness.

They were sure to install plenty of windows throughout the house which plays into the passive house design concepts but also help to expose the home to views outside. Inside, the home is bright and spacious with plenty of room and a spacious feel thanks to all of the windows and the high ceilings. The floating staircase also helps to keep the flow inside the home making it feel more open too. The living room and kitchen are open to each other with a dining room in the vicinity as well. In the summer the home is partially shaded, but in the winter when the leaves have fallen off the trees, the sun can shine through and provide heat for the home. Even though the majority of the floor plan is very open and airy, there are some private areas for the bathrooms and the bedrooms. The upper floor of the home acts as a shelter for the patio area below providing shelter from the rain. There is another sheltered area created by a land bridge and an extension of the roof covering the porch leading into the home. You can also see that they integrated some recycled glass bottles into the design which is a great way to implement some eco-friendly building techniques and a bit of colour and history.

BLIPSZ Architecture started as a group of students working as a team on a group project. It was in 2006 that they became an architecture and urbanism office and has grown ever since. The business has helped each of the partners learn and grow in their field while working and studying. So they were able to get a lot of the practical experience they needed that school didn't provide. All of the members shared the same interest in modern eco-friendly design concepts and building as well as the same sense of humour, so it was the perfect match. They aim to take the traditional housing archetype and create something artistic and abstract from it which is certainly what they've achieved with this house.

More about this story can be found at: BLIPSZ Architecture

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