Tour the Allswell Mattress and Bedding Tiny House

Imagine a tiny house on wheels with a ground floor bedroom and a regular bed with a comfortable mattress. It's all available with the new tiny house from Modern Tiny Living called the Allswell, a gorgeous custom 28-foot tiny house on wheels. The tiny house was specifically built for Wal-Mart's brand of homeware called Allswell Home. They wanted to do a marketing campaign that would take their brand to more of a grassroots level to promote these HomeGoods to tiny house dwellers and anyone else. They chose Modern Tiny Living because of their amazing craftwork and their awesome designs. These homes are built to sustain miles of travel and years of use whether they're being used as vacation homes, guesthouses or full-time dwellings. The Allswell tiny house was a huge success and has been featured on MSN, Forbes and CNN to name a few publications as well as many others. Modern Tiny Living is very proud of their tiny house design and build, as they should be, and they are always creating the most innovative and incredible tiny house designs. This tiny house has it all and starts at around $100,000 US, with all of the items you see included in the tiny house as is, it would be more around $145,000 US to purchase.

When you think of it, that's a pretty decent price for a home considering many condos in the city go for far more than that. Living in a tiny house on wheels full-time does require some land to park on, but that would give you your own private space and your own home that you own for less than $200,000 US. The Allswell tiny house looks super fresh and fabulous from the exterior clad in all white siding with black accents and lots of openings. There are actually not just one, but three entrances into the tiny house including the single main door, a set of French doors and a glass garage door in the bedroom which opens it up to the outdoors. The main door also has a glass insert in it which allows for views outside even if the door is closed. Inside the tiny house, they kept the white walls and black accents which really helps to keep the space feeling open and airy. The home enters into the living room area with a daybed that looks super cozy with beautiful throw pillows and a TV mounted on the wall for easy viewing. The other nice thing is, there is a lot of storage built in under the bed for shoes and other various items.

Heading further into the home is the kitchen with a bar style eating nook by a window and the galley style kitchen prep area across from that. They went with a deep blue for the cabinets and added a huge farmhouse style sink with all gold accents including the sink faucet. The countertops are beautiful marble with an induction cooktop built right in. There's also an apartment style fridge which fits perfectly in the nook they built for it to put it at a nicer height. Across from the fridge is an all in one washer and dryer laundry unit which would definitely come in handy to have in the house. The next space in the tiny house is the full bedroom with a proper bed and the Allswell mattress on a wooden bed frame. The garage door opens all the way up to invite the outdoors inside, and then on the other side of the room, a set of French doors opens wide to the outside world too. With all of these incredible touches, it's no wonder people are dreaming of owning this awesome tiny house on wheels.

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