A Luxury Barn in Somerset With A Surprising Interior Design

Featuring a gorgeous barn conversion in Somerset, England in the United Kingdom. This restoration and renovation project was completed by McIntosh Design Build Restore, a well-established building contractor in Somerset. The stunning rustic modern home is on Bean Hill Farm just outside of a cute town called Bruton in Somerset. Bruton is a fairly popular little town attracting plenty of tourists every year and is the perfect place out in the country for a farmhouse like this one. This isn't just your typical barn house though; this barn house renovation includes modern features which bring it to the 21st century without taking away it's beautiful classic structure. The owner wanted to increase the usable space for the home and take advantage of the amazing views of the rolling grassy hills surrounding the property. McIntosh Design Build Restore were hired on to create a stunning kitchen extension and to fully restore the barn close to the main house and then connect the two structures with glass panels. While this presented some challenges, McIntosh Design Build Restore was fully on board to bring the homeowner's dream to life. They worked very closely with the homeowners since they were inhabiting the home while the renovations were occurring. So they completed most of the work during summer holidays while the family was away on vacation.

They also brought in a local architectural designer and integrated a steel package using as many reclaimed materials as they could. They also had to match the stonework from the original walls too which can get tricky at times since the structure is older. They also had to make sure that the roof was fully supported in the original structure as well. The entire barn conversion took them 6 months to complete and was even nominated to be in the 2015 local building awards. It's not hard to see why it was nominated for the awards either. The project turned out beautifully. The front face of the home has a full wall of windows mixed with the original stone and the interesting roofline topped with terra cotta tiles. The breezeway connecting the main home to the barn area was also done beautifully and creates a nice, sheltered place to walk through to the other building while still feeling connected to nature. They were able to keep some of the original doors and doorways as well which is always great and keeps the original integrity of the building alive.

Inside, the home is incredible, and may not be what most people would expect to see. So if you're expecting a country-style interior, you may be surprised. The decor is very modern with hints of neon acrylic and a bright yellow couch with a contemporary shelving system and coffee table. They went with gorgeous antique chandeliers in the living room as well as some great LED coloured backlighting in the shelving unit. The kitchen features some of the original stone walls exposed adding so much character and charm. The restored ceiling with exposed beams is also a key feature of this area too. There's great seating at the kitchen bar and tons of counter space as well as state of the art stainless steel appliances. They also included a theater room in part of the home with comfortable sectional seating, a large projection screen and coloured LED backlighting for great ambiance. This barn home renovation and restoration shows that you can mix the old with the new and it marries quite nicely together. It's always nice to see these older homes and buildings getting a refresh and maintaining the history of the area as well.

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