The Sedona Log Home Features a Spacious Loft

Here is the Sedona log home, a log home that can suit a variety of needs. The lovely log home building kit for this Sedona log home model is available through Coventry Log Homes, Inc, a log cabin manufacturer distributing log home kits around North America. The log home model featured here is one of the 60 or more log home models and floor plans that they have available through their website. The log cabin package for this log home model can be purchased for varying prices depending on what the customer is looking for in their log home building kit. Coventry Log Homes offer a few different options when it comes to their log home building kit selection. For the Sedona log home customers can choose from a log home building kit that includes only the logs for $87,150, the next package offers the shell of the cabin building which is the log-built walls for $126,850, then, a step up from that option gives the option of a 6x8 complete package with everything included for $145,750 or an 8x8 complete package for $157,450.

People can also choose if they would like the log home to be built out of cedar wood which is one of the most popular types of wood to be used in log home construction. Cedarwood has wonderful natural oils and resins that help to act as a repellant for bugs, and these natural oils and resins also inhibit decay of the wood, which is great for keeping the structural integrity of the logs. Cedar trees are naturally very straight and tall, and they also have less moisture which makes them able to dry the fastest out of any wood type. Cedar logs are also great insulators as are other types of logs, and they help to keep in the heat inside the home when it's cold and keep out the hot air in the summer when its warmer and you want a cooler inside environment.

All of the trees that are grown for log home building kits sold by a log cabin manufacturer like Coventry Log Homes are grown in sustainable tree plantations that are closely monitored for quality and mindful usage. Although trees are a renewable resource, they take years and years to grow to a point where they can be used for building projects and other items, so nothing is ever wasted when it comes to these trees. When trees are cut down to be milled into logs or lumber, new trees are then planted in their place so that more trees can grow to be used. Once the logs are cut down, they need to dry out for at least a year to let all of the moisture out. The moisture would make the log be able to contract and expand too much, whereas the dried logs only contract and expand a bit. Too much shrinkage in the logs and this can impact the structure.

The Sedona log home from Coventry Log Homes would be great for a family or just a couple, and it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms which is more than enough room. The log home is 2,094 square feet, with a nice open concept feel to the floor plan and layout. There is even a loft space in the floor plan, as well as a cathedral ceiling that will make this house feel spacious. Check out more of the great log home floor plans and designs Coventry Log Homes has to offer on their website. A beautiful log house can be an investment that lasts a lifetime.

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