The Nevada is a Spacious and Bright Log Home with Floor to Ceiling Windows

The lovely Nevada, log house model, is found on Coventry Log Homes website. Through this company, thousands of log homes have been purchased and now house families all around the world. Coventry log homes is one of the amazing companies who sells their beautiful log home building packages online. The brothers Mark and Jeff began to take over their dad, Jim's business of log home manufacturing in 1992, and the business has just blossomed ever since. It is very apparent that they have a lot of passion for what they do and they only hire people in to be a part of their team that share this mutual passion for creating log homes plans and designs.

Coventry Log Homes features over 60 log house floor plans and designs in a few different categories like the Tradesman series which is the series that the Nevada log house you see here is a part of, as well as the Craftsman series, the Cabin series, the Recreational series and the Timber frame series. The company has sold thousands of beautiful log homes and log home building packages, and they take real pride in what they do.

The Nevada log home model is a lovely example of how gorgeous log homes can be. The Nevada is unique in its design because of the beautiful window arrangement at the back of the log house. The open concept living area is the part of the home that enjoys this feature and focal point on the home. The large windows would really open the home up to amazing views of nature surrounding the log home and allow in all of the natural light throughout the day. The decks and patios on the back and sides of the log home is also a wonderful feature on the log home, giving the inhabitants plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors. The home is a total of 2, 317 square feet with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Great for a family to live in and enjoy throughout life. A garage may also be added to this log home model to expand the space of the home even further.

Log homes plans and designs are so readily available on the internet these days, so it can be somewhat daunting to go through all of the ones you find online and choose which one will suit your family best. Log home building packages like the ones from Coventry Log Homes are a great option for people who wish to build their own log house. There are a few different options with Coventry Log Homes when it comes to log home building package deals. The most affordable option is to go with purchasing the logs only, which in this case for the Nevada log home would cost $64,200. The next option is for the shell of the log house, which is just the outer walls, in this case, it would cost up to $145,850.

The Complete packages are the most popular type of log home building package, and they cost up to $201,950 with this log home model. The complete packages usually will include everything that is needed to build the interior and exterior walls, the floor system, the roof system and usually includes the doors and windows. This makes it a great option since you don't have to source all of the other materials from other places so that the log home manufacturer would be a one-stop shop. Check out more of the amazing log homes on their website and see just how beautiful log homes can be.

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