The Montana Prefab Log Home Package Makes Home Building Simple

Have a look at this Montana log cabin; it has a great design with plenty of character. The home features large rooms, a cathedral ceiling, and upstairs dormers. On the main floor are the open living room/dining room/kitchen, master bedroom with ensuite, and front porch. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, each bedroom with a gable dormer which opens up the log home space, and an open loft which is ideal for use as a home office or comfy reading spot. This log home floorplan has 1,776 square feet of space, with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. This log home is available in a precut log home package to a complete log home package, with prices starting at $53,500 to $104,100. This log home floor plan would be ideal to use as a vacation home, a place to spend time with family and friends in a location surrounded by nature. With three bedrooms there is enough space for a family to stay comfortably, and the open floor plan downstairs is great for hanging out and entertaining friends. The upstairs loft area could also be used for guests if they stay the night.

This is just one of the log house designs available from Coventry Log Homes. Coventry Log Homes have over 90 models in four separate log house categories with the Craftsman; the Tradesman log homes, the Cabin and the Timber Frame log house along with additions and garages. There is a log house design suitable for almost anyone, with a wide range of sizes, plans and log house designs. Coventry Log Homes produce three log house package options to include the log wall, shell and the complete log home package in a variety of log profiles. Coventry Log Homes also produce a log house that is six by eight and eight by eight solid log milled to mimic the traditional look of clapboard siding as well as regular log siding. Coventry Log Homes have grown slowly over the years while building upon their log house experiences in the process and doing a job that they are passionate about.

These days it seems that everybody is thinking about climate change and the environment. So when people are looking for log house companies, one of the things they often look at is that the company they are choosing their log house from practices green building methods. The Montana cabin building was built by Coventry Log Homes, and the good news about this quality log house company is that all of their log house construction methods meet the highest levels for building green. While a log house design naturally qualifies to be a green build because it is built from natural building materials. The following are just some of the green practices that Coventry takes part in. Their log houses are all natural and do not contain any harmful toxins. They also work with local loggers who manage the natural resources responsibly.

Coventry Log Homes recycle all the excess wood that is used in the log home manufacturing. Some of the good things that Coventry Log Homes does is to give their log shavings to local farmers, they heat all of the factory buildings with the log ends, and they even give residents free wood to heat their homes. Check out more of the awesome log home floor plans over at the Coventry Log Homes website.

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