Open Concept Log Home Shows Everyone What the Real Countryside Style Looks Like

This is log house package has it all, The Riverside log house designs have an open concept floor plan with a cathedral ceiling and large rooms, or you can take advantage of the surrounding views from your open outdoor patio or covered porch. The Riverside log house package has 1,440 square feet of space with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an upstairs loft. On the first floor of the Riverside log house packages, there is an open concept living area, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The first floor also has a covered porch and an open deck. The outdoor spaces on the log house packages you choose are just as important as the log house floorplan. The outdoor spaces extend the interior space outdoor and offer the great place to entertain and for family and friends to enjoy some fresh air and scenery. Upstairs in the log home floor plan is the master bedroom with a good sized closet and bathroom, with a loft space that opens to the log house space below. The loft space could be used as an office or extra space for guests to stay.

The piece of property that you choose to build your log house package is one of the most exciting choices you will make. There is also a lot to think about when you are looking for potential pieces of land. You will always want to use a professional Realtor agent so that you will know beforehand of any hidden problems or issues. You also want to know ahead of time if you can build on the property, and what permits are needed. Once you know that you can build your log house on your piece of property, you will then have to think about the privacy, where the sun rises and sets, the view, and the location of your log home design. When it comes to buying the piece of property for your log house build, it should represent about 15 to 20 percent of your total budget. Log house packages or prefab log cabin homes can be great places to use as vacation homes or getaways, a place to get away and relax with family and friends. Spending time in a log house that is close to nature, and away from the city is a good chance to enjoy yourself, both physically and mentally. People who take vacations tend to be happier people overall.

The Riverside log home is just one of the log house packages you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site. Prefab log cabin homes are a good way to find the log home of your dreams, a place to live in full-time or to use as a vacation home to enjoy with family and friends. Coventry Log Homes have four series of log house packages to choose from available in over 90 log home designs.

Coventry Log Homes are passionate about the log house packages they build. This family-run log home company has over twenty years of experience offering log house packages so you can feel confident that they know what they are doing. They are also a company that believes in taking care of the environment. All of the log house packages and prefab log cabin homes are built using products and logs that meet only the highest levels for building green codes and practices. Using all natural products that contain no harmful toxins. Coventry Log Homes work with local loggers who manage the natural resources used in the prefab log cabin homes responsibly.

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