The Greenwich Barn Home is A Guesthouse, Wine Cellar and Garage

The Greenwich Barn Home is a huge, timber sawn hay barn that was originally built circa 1870. The flooring, ceiling and the exterior siding of the barn are from vintage reclaimed barn boards. The restored Greenwich barn style house is now used as a guest house, wine cellar and garage for a residential estate in southwestern Connecticut. The owners adore their Heritage Barn, and proudly show it off on all occasions. They have had it included in their house and garden tours. And the barn style house has been part of an article written about its surrounding gardens and will also soon be part of a coffee table book on Connecticut gardens. The barn style house has been the location benefits for their philanthropic causes, family parties and many other occasions. In every case, each person who walks into this barn is rendered speechless. The barn style house has contemporary art that is showcased against its beautiful walls. This barn style house is truly a work of art. The Greenwich barn style house was originally built circa 1870 in New Scotland, New York. The barn style house is now restored in Greenwich, Connecticut. The barn is 42 feet by 50 feet for a total of 2,100 square feet.

Heritage Restorations restores and rebuilds historic timber frame cabin buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries to include old barns, hand-hewn log cabin buildings, houses, mills and churches. This hand-crafted, time tested structures are then combined with modern, energy-efficient designs and building materials to make them beautiful and unique barn style houses, wedding and event centers and post and beam spaces. One of the things that make these restorations, so beautiful is the addition of antique beams. In the age before the sawmill and the industrial revolution, wooden beams were used for barns, home designs and other structures. These beams were hewn by hand from giant, virgin-growth timbers that were felled by axes. Once the giant tree was on the ground, the hewing process would begin as craftsmen squared up the logs by using different types of axes.

Sliding barn doors are one of the options you have in a barn style house. Sliding barn doors are functional and attractive for several different design scenarios. Heritage Restorations can design and fabricate sliding barn doors from a variety of different building materials, to include reclaimed or new lumber. Handmade custom doors can be custom made out of antique lumber. Reclaimed lumber is stable, and has the unmatched character of years of weather and wear, making it a great choice for creating the feel and look of your barn style house's entryway.

All custom doors are constructed of premium-grade reclaimed lumber and, when appropriate, they use traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery or splines are used. All of the hardware used is commercial grade. As with their other doors, you can feel free to submit sketches or pictures of proposed door styles. You have the option of choosing several different styles of aged color options from the threshing floor, crackled red, classic brown, weathered grey, and rustic roof, different depending where they were found in the barn.

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