This Handsome Barn Apartment is The Perfect Home for a Horse-loving Family

Why restore an old barn when you can have a brand new barn home built for you by Barn Pros? Barn Pros is a barn builder with an excellent range of rustic timber frame barn homes and barn buildings that are perfect for any setting, especially out in the country or on a ranch. They specialize in creating customizable residences for any lifestyle. So whether you need a vacation home or a full-time residence, they can help you out. They build up until the shell stage meaning that all of the walls will be finished completely, but the interior will be mostly unfinished. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV This allows for the customization of the interior to the customer's preferences. All of the interior walls are non-load bearing so the floor plans they have featured on their website can all be changed to accommodate the owner's needs. These timber frame barns homes have such a genuine and traditional warmth and so much character that sets them apart from a typical home. Plus, all of their homes are economical and efficient to build so that people can save money. You can choose from a bunch of different sizes of home with either one story or two stories depending on what you need. They also create homes like this one that has barn or garage space built into it.

From the outside, this home looks much like a classic barn with the typical barn design, but inside, there is so much more. The home has soaring high ceilings and large bedrooms that feel luxurious. The exposed beams throughout the house are beautiful aspects of the build that show off this amazing building style. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION They incorporated some drywall panels in as well which is great for hanging art and making the space feel more contemporary. In the living room, there's also a great wood burning fireplace which will warm the space and provides ambiance in the room. They are also able to fit an entertainment centre in the living room as well as some beautiful leather furniture which matches the style of the building perfectly. This home also features lots of great deck space outdoors to enjoy the views of the property and to put a BBQ on for some summertime cooking. As their name implies, Barn Pros are professionals when it comes to building barn homes. They engineer these buildings perfectly to suit whatever their purpose may be because they want their homes to last a lifetime or more.

The company and builders pay close attention to details in all of their designs as well as in the materials they choose. They use a combination of vertical and horizontal siding using mainly Douglas Fir and Western Cedar. The hardware they implement is also carefully chosen to match the style of the home, and they also include Dutch doors and cupolas in their designs. Their process for building these barn homes is also very efficient meaning that you'll have your home sooner and within your budget. All of the materials are pre-cut and ready to go when they arrive on the building site. So all the customer needs to have ready is the foundation to place the home on when it's ready to be built. Then, the customer can either hire their professional contractors or assemble some of the home themselves. These homes would be a great option for anyone who loves the country style of a barn home but doesn't want to go through the trouble of having to build one from scratch themselves or restore an older barn home since that can be a lot more work than you'd think.

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