Stunning Garage With Living Quarters In Bend, Oregon.

Bet you never thought a barn could look this good. That's because it's not just a barn but a barn home that has living quarters in it. Perfect for those who live on a farm and have animals to look after. This amazing barn home in Bend, Oregon was built by DC Builders Nationwide a home and commercial building firm out of Damascus, Oregon. This company has plenty of wonderful buildings they have built all across the country. They specialize in building homes, barns, and commercial buildings, and they have many different beautiful barn homes in their portfolio. The contemporary style barn home allows the owners to have their horses housed nearby so they can care for them easily. One part of the home looks to be stables, with a tall and wide door, and then next to that, you can see that the next openings could be for a car garage or perhaps maybe more stables. For people who love their horses, they become a part of the family sometimes, so to have them housed in the same home as their owners could be a perk that many horse lovers would appreciate.

These types of homes might also be quite energy efficient since the barn stable could be heated with the same heating unit as the main part of the home. Another perk of having the horse stables included to be attached to the house, is not having to weather the cold or the rain to feed and groom the horses each day. The home could have doors or a breezeway that connects the main part of the house to the stable area so you could just get out of bed and visit the horses right away. Certainly, they've thought of things like proper ventilation to ensure that there is no odour getting into the main home. The exterior of the barn home looks very modern and stylish, which is why some may not even think it's a barn home. They went with a medium tone of wood that has a reddish-orange colour to it which could be cedar wood. That would be a great wood for this project and would help the home last a very long time. Cedar is also known to be excellent for use in building projects because it's so easy to work with. Cedarwood also has a natural resistance to mildew, mould and insects, which is wonderful for keeping the home free from rot and unnecessary chemicals.

Most of the homes that are built by DC Builders Nationwide are built with timber frame construction which ensures the most strong and supportive preliminary structure. The black trim complements this barn home perfectly and is what modernizes this home. This home looks absolutely stunning in its place out in the country. The interior is very impressive as well with high cathedral ceilings that show off all of the beautiful timber beams and posts. They've also added some great triangle shaped windows at the very top of the ceiling where the wall meets up with the ceiling which lets some great light in at this point. The living space is open concept with lots of space for furniture in the living room and a dining room right behind it. The kitchen is directly behind the dining area with bar seating of its own as well for breakfasts or visiting. This barn home shows us that barn homes can be very contemporary in style and they don't necessarily have to take on that country aesthetic unless the owner really wants that. Would you love to live in a home like this one?

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