The Firefly Stargazer Retreat In Hastings, Michigan

The Firefly Stargazer Retreat a tiny house design location in Hastings, Michigan, United States. The tiny house can accommodate up to 2 guests with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The Firefly Stargazer Retreat is self-check-in with a lockbox. The retreat is now booking winter stays. If you need a quick getaway to beat the winter blues, consider leaving the holiday decorating to them and they'll leave the relaxing for you. There is a large field for long walks and a patio where you can relax and enjoy some fresh air.

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During your vacation stay, you can view the night sky through the clear roof of the garden observatory suite. You can replenish your soul, feed your imagination, and recharge your spirit. You can stay for a much-needed break during the week or at the weekend. This is a great idea for locals to start a new tradition this winter. You can take a quick break from life to snuggle under the quilts and comforters, or read that book you've been wanting to for the past year. A winter vacation at the Firefly Stargazer retreat is perfect for watching the snowflakes gently fall, lulling you into a deep restful slumber.

The vacation retreat is self-check-in so there is never a need to personally interact with the owners unless you wish to. There is no mask requirement, the tiny house is 45 minutes from Grand Rapids, just 1 hr from Lansing, and 40 minutes from Kalamazoo. The Firefly Stargazer Retreat is thoroughly cleaned and fresh air exchange between every stay. Winter access to the Firefly Stargazer Retreat is depending on the weather and may require an all-wheel-drive or a 4x4 vehicle to climb the hill. You don't need to worry if you have neither of these they can always shuttle you up to the Firefly Stargazer Retreat.

The Firefly tiny house may have you dreaming of downsizing into a tiny house of your own. Small house living is an option that is on many peoples minds these days. And as is the case with any sort of lifestyle change there are things you learn along the way. A small house design is a good way to downsize the space you live in, along with all the stuff that you own. Maybe you are retired and want less space to live in, less bills, and plan to travel more. Or a small house design is something you will use as a vacation home, a place to get away. Whatever the reason for small house living there are many things you can do, to make a small house space work for you, along with important lessons that can apply no matter the size of your home.

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