The FabLab Takes Eco-Housing to the Next Level

There is no shortage of peculiar and intriguing looking homes from all over the world. Thank goodness for the internet, because otherwise, we may not even be able to see some of these incredible wonders. With so many different people out there in the world, there are likely to be an infinite possibility of different houses out there that you can become inspired by. Maybe you can even picture yourself living in some of them, or maybe you can even visit one in person and even stay at it if it's a rental or a guest accommodation. Some people with wild and unique houses like this even give tours of their homes, so if you are ever in their area, you can pop in and look around.

The Fablab House is an amazing creation that was designed and created by approximately 100 people. The concept was to build a house that was totally 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. The overall concept of the tree, as an energy source unto itself, is what sparked the idea. Trees use their foliage, their leaves, as their way to obtain energy from the sun so that the whole tree thrives. The cells in each of the leaves synthesize the light from the sun, which is converted into energy for the whole tree. The tree also provides tons of benefits for the beings in its environment. Shade, clean air, homes for different critters and sometimes materials for paper, building supplies, pencils, tools and furniture amongst other things.

The idea of the tree being this ultimate, sustainable being, able to thrive on its own is the whole theory that the Fablab house is built upon. The creators and builders wanted to create a home that would be the epitome of a fully sustainable unit, able to provide so much for itself and others. So the amazing team of researchers, directors, students, designers and builders came up with this truly brilliant and very unique design and made it a reality by co-creating it together. What manifested is truly magnificent. The house looks nothing like any conventional house you have ever seen before. But it is a testament to the forward thinking that is present in our generation and it is beautiful to see how they all worked together to create something so magical.

Fablab house, consists of wood, like the trunk of a tree, and the wood has been cut into different shapes with different angles and curves to it. The different pieces of wood form together with steel bracing and reinforcements and they all flow together to create the one large and beautiful unit. The solar panels made up of the solar cells, much like in the leaf of a tree, are what covers the top of the house. The entire surface of the roof is covered in these solar panels, which provides the energy for the house. The wooden structure has many different rooms inside, all decorated very stylishly, and like the tree, the trunk of the Fablab House provides places for people to live in. It looks like some kind of large caterpillar or animal, even a little bit like a huge gypsy caravan. The Fablab House has obviously garnered a lot of attention, not just for how it looks, but the amazing concept behind it. The creators even received the Madrid Peoples First Choice Award which is well-deserved and pretty awesome.

More about this story can be found at: FabLab House

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