The Coodo: Modular, Flexible, Sustainable Home Anywhere in the World

The Coodo is a unique modular design that offers diverse possibilities of where you can place the prefab design. Coodo is starting coodoshare, which will make it easier to buy coodos also as a group. The modern prefab designs have established the Coodo resort concept as holiday destinations. Additionally, they have developed a smaller coodo prefab design, which can serve as a sleeping room, a sauna, an office space, a studio, and many more schemes. They are currently offering six variants of Coodo prefab designs and already grew furthermore in terms of technology, self-sustainability, and smart features.

The prefab designs have hydraulic legs that you operate through your smart/iPhone that are now fully functional implemented for under 10 k Euros, a Self Sustainability Unit (SSU) is ready to be off-the-grid and they are already modular. Audi has ordered the first bunch of the event condo modular designs for their new e-Tron, the first fully electric car. The jury of the AAP American Architecture Award recognized the company's ambitions and visions and thus honored LTG Lofts to go with the AAP American Architecture Award already in 2017. Then they won the 2019 Gold in the IDA’s, International Design Awards, L.A.

Apart from the development of the coodo modular designs itself, they have some quite inspiring projects running. Soon they will be able to share more about their exciting project Coodoshare and they are planning several coodoresorts in different parts of the world. Altogether, they chase their dream of a stress-free life and living close to nature and it is turning more and more into a reality for people around the world. One single Coodo modular design unit itself isn’t the largest out there, they know. But it can have a huge impact on the future of home designs.

The Coodo 32 series is the flagship series. Its elongated shape allows for more natural lighting and room(s). The company uses innovative building materials to produce the best product. For production in the United States and Europe, they use Aluminium to minimize the weight of the coodos modular designs. Due to the features of the outer surface of the coodo white series, only minor maintenance is required. Depending on the usage of the available area you can choose between the Coodo 32 design, Coodo 64, or the Coodo 96 modular design. The number stands for the approximate area in square meters of each modular unit. The Coodo 32 modular home design is perfect for a hotel room or a small apartment in the business section or as a private use case great for students or as a guest room addition to your other full living Coodo.

The Coodo is a beautiful modern design that can be used for a variety of uses, making for a quick and easy set up of the space that you need to live, work, or design, whatever it is that you do. The Coodo is easy to transport, you can live in or close to locations that you desire and relocate whenever you want, all the while maintaining the same comfort and familiarity of your modern home. The Coodo has better insulation with design and construction that minimize energy consumption by utilizing energy-efficient systems and building materials. The modular design allows you to expand the living space by simply connecting one or more additional units to your current Coodo.

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