Sail This Beautiful Boat House Across Sunsets

Luxury living on a boat? Havana House Boats has made it possible with their variety of houseboat designs available. Right from the design consultation customers are encouraged to collaborate with the designers at Havana Houseboats to sketch up the preliminary 3D designs. They have this design named the T-45 which you see here. There are also other models called the V-45, G-52 and F-45 each a bit different in their plans. They have a twin-engine and run on regular gasoline plus they have solar power as well which is awesome for those who want to be more off-grid or environmentally friendly. Havana Houseboats is located in Queensland, Australia and one of the mid-sized models starts at $375,000 AUD which would be about $267,675 USD. The smaller options could start around $150,000 AUD. They are all built out of fibreglass material and include enough solar power to run all of your appliances including air conditioning and a water heater. Marine living would be great and very affordable since expenses would mainly be for food and other personal items. Plus, there are functioning toilets on the houseboats that are able to be dumped out at marinas. These houseboats include PODS (Portable overboard discharge system) which is a floating cassette-style holding tank which is properly sealed and then gets towed to the marina's pump out facility with a smaller boat to be dumped out safely.

The designs of these houseboats are incredible with panoramic windows and plenty of spaces to lounge. On one of the larger models, there's even a home theatre on board. The front room of this T-45 model includes enough space for a small sofa and a TV, and then there are windows all the way around except for the partition wall leading to the master bedroom. The kitchen is in the same living area with all of the great windows surrounding it too. The kitchen area includes cabinets and countertops with a double sink and a dishwasher, plus a microwave and double door fridge for plenty of food storage. On the other countertop across from the sink, there is a built-in gas range and an oven. All of the appliances are stainless steel, and all of the cabinets and countertops are white for a beautiful, modern look. There's also space at the counter for a couple of stools to eat meals right in the kitchen. Then, through another doorway surrounded by glass windows, there is a formal dining area with panoramic views. This area can hold a large dining room table to seat 6 people or more.

The bathroom looks like a regular bathroom in a house with a large shower a sink and vanity and storage for linens as well. Don't worry, there is only one window in the bathroom, and it's really high up to maintain privacy. So they don't do the full floor to ceiling windows as they add in the rest of the design. The bedroom is a lovely space with windows right in front of the bed, can you imagine waking up to beautiful views of the sea? One of these beautiful houseboats would be a fabulous way to see the world and they can be transported by water or land quite easily. So if you need it transported to another location other than Australia, then they could see about doing that for you. Otherwise, they would be great to park in a marina or off your own private dock and use as a guesthouse when you don't have it out on the water. If you're looking for a modern, affordable houseboat, this could just be the one for you so check out these designs and see what you think.

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