The Bear's Cave is A Fun and Inspiring Interior for Kids

The cave-like bedroom, named the Bears Cave removes all technology leaving behind a space for a child to have fun and to use their imagination. The Bear's Cave is the ultimate kid's room that maximizes the small space in a playful and imaginative way. This kid's room design makes efficient use of space and uses creative solutions for toys, desks and storage. And wait till you see the unique bunk bed, it takes trundle beds to a whole new level. The designers used clever strategies for including storage and play.

The Bear's Cave was a collaboration between interior design firm Estudio Plök and architect Mariana Paccieri to create this good sized playful room for two children. The inspiring room dubbed the Bear's Cave was created for one of Argentina’s biggest architecture and interior design trade shows, Casa Foa 2018. The kid's room is a tech-free zone that is clear of any glowing screens, the perfect way for lessening kids' screen time. This playful kids bedroom devoid of technology helps to encourage the kid's creativity without the influence of any digital gadgets.

In the room, you will find a huge bear drawing that indicates the Bear's Cave has taken a cue from a natural cave. The bedroom includes wood and lighting elements to help create a unique atmosphere that inspires playfulness. The entire room reminds kids about being outdoors with natural materials such as wood and cork and mountain inspired walls. The main bed in the room reflects the design on which the entire outdoor cave theme is based. The bed is tucked into a cozy nook to make the kids feel like they are living in an actual cave. There is one bed in the room that can be accessed with a climbing wall that overlooks the bedroom so that the kids get a close-up view of an image of a cute bear. Another alternative to reach the second bed in the room is by using the climbing wall grips that are installed on the wall.

This kids bedroom is beautifully done and has natural elements throughout to give an overall feeling of calm. The room gives the children a playroom that helps make them more physically active instead of just sticking to the electronic gadgets all the time. The upper bed in the room has access to the wooden bookshelves to help inspire reading, and of course, the cozy bed makes the perfect spot to sit back and read books. There is also a safety net located next to the bed to stop the kids from falling out. A nice feature is the lighting that completely follows the line of the custom built-in bed unit that also conceals a variety of storage closets. And if that weren't enough the bedroom also has a third bed that remains completely hidden under the cave bed until the bed is needed to accommodate an additional guest. In the corner of the room, there’s a small angled desk area above which two hanging pendant lights are positioned. Furthermore, there is a small wooden bench connects the desk to the bed, making the entire interior appear effortless.

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