Imagine Mobile Living in This Art Deco Inspired Magic Bus!

The Magic Bus might just be the coolest bus you ever see. Designed by Randy Grubb, this double-decker bus has a top deck that consists of a repurposed 23-window Volkswagen Kombi van. The lower deck of the bus is custom built, the front end is sourced from a 1947 Divco truck (the iconic American milk truck), and the chassis comes from a 1973 GMC Motorhome. Grubb is known for his use of hefty engines, and the Magic Bus design is no exception. The Magic Bus is powered by an Oldsmobile Rocket 455 V8, a 7.5-litre engine that is capable of impressive torque figures which made them a popular choice in both Oldsmobile Cutlasses and GMC Motorhomes.

One of the best features of the Magic Bus is its hidden elevator, which is powered by an ATV winch motor with pulleys that are hidden beneath the floorboards. The elevator in the bus allows its passengers to move between the two decks in a way that is reminiscent of the transport tube found in the Jupiter 2 from the 1960s television series Lost in Space. The Magic Bus was created for the Battery, a private members club in San Francisco, and was to be used for taking its members to events outside of the club and also to be chartered by its members for private use. One of the uses was for wine tours to Sonoma and Napa, with its passengers enjoying two decks of space and panoramic views that are made possible by the ample window space.

The front bumpers in the Magic Bus are styled from a ’49 Plymouth and a ’57 Corvette, while the rear bumper is styled after the ’59 VW bus bumpers. The exterior of the Bus is a signature look of Grubb’s work, with plenty of polished, hand-formed aluminum. There are lots of windows on both the sides and the top of the bus, with three axles capped with chrome wheels and understated tri-tone paint scheme. The 1960s Haight-Ashbury inspired Magic Bus is a beautiful piece of automotive art with its the nose of a 1947 Divco truck, the America’s iconic milk truck, and its 23-window Volkswagen Kombi van.

On the top floor of the bus, you can relax on a bed of colorful, comfy pillows and hang out because that’s what the Magic Bus is built for. The colorful bus is planned for use as a limousine and will host wine tours in Napa Valley, near San Francisco, California. Grubb takes a lot of pride in his sculptures, and part of the appeal of his artwork is that they are all driveable. If it runs and drives and works, then that's what makes a Randy Grubb original. Automotive artist Randy Grubb, is also the creator of Jay Leno’s Tank Car, the B-702, the Falconer Dodici, Piss’d Off Pete, the DecoLiner and the DecoPods. The DecoLiner is a piece of automotive artwork with a similar look to the Magic Bus and looks like what Flash Gorden’s Airstream motor home might look like. It's a 26-foot aluminum beauty that features a flying bridge, complete with a driving station and room enough for five passengers on the roof.

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