Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas For Smarter Interiors

When living in a smaller space, it's not only important to downsize, but it's also crucial to look at the space differently too. So when it comes to decorating and furnishing a small space, the approach will be much different than decorating and furnishing a larger sized home. Making the most of the small space is the most important part, so you have to look at every square inch of the space as useful and figure out ways to take advantage of that. It can almost be a fun challenge in most cases and almost like a puzzle you're putting together to create the most functional space. The key is functionality and keeping things organized because this will also keep the space looking pulled together and it will help it be more practical for the people living in it. The best way to do this is with space saving furniture and hidden storage, or multifunctional furniture that serves more than one purpose. We see this a lot in tiny house designs where there are storage staircases that function as stairs to a loft as well as providing some storage for the inhabitants. They can also sometimes double as seating or desks in some cases too.

You'll see in the video some of the most innovative storage design ideas, as well as some very practical solutions that you can build yourself. While some of the designs are very high-tech, others are very easy to bring into your small home design. For example, the elevated level you can install easily in your home to create an area for a sofa, bed or even a desk and then have huge storage drawers underneath. The drawers slide in and out from under the elevated platform providing tons of space for storing items you don't need to have out. You can see that it's really as easy as assembling a frame, adding flooring, creating the drawers which are essentially large boxes and then adding hardware. The furniture itself can also be a great space saving item, and there are tons of wonderful furniture designs that are becoming available these days. You can see a brilliant transforming sofa that is easily flipped into bunk beds which would be great for a dorm or a tiny house on wheels to create a bedroom in a living room in one. Murphey Beds are also a wonderful option for space saving beds, and they can be found in a variety of different applications from beds that pull down from the wall to components that flip around offering storage on one side and a pull out bed on the other. Just imagine how much space that would save and how organized everything would be.

There are plenty of fold out sofa options on the market as well, and some of these sofa beds even include additional storage in them too. One of the coolest furniture pieces is the fold out sofa and coffee table that also acts as a bed. The bed folds away easily to reveal a sofa and a coffee table, but that's not it, the coffee table also raises and expands to become either a desk or a dining table. Or a coffee table that has a component that lifts up to create a desk and that also includes storage within it. Perfect for those who work at home and don't have extra space for a large desk and desk chair. Then, there are entire modular rooms created by transformable furniture creating a bedroom in one instance, but then an entire living room and work station in the next. These inspiring furniture ideas pack a lot of creativity and imagination into every design, and they show how possible living tiny can be when you have a great collection of space saving furniture.

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