Suzuki Samurai Jeep w/ a Rooftop Tiny House

If you love camping, but you don't want to sleep on the ground and can't tow a trailer behind your vehicle, these are some fun ideas you can look into. One of the options is to literally build a tiny house or cabin on top of your vehicle, which would take quite a bit of work, but it would be fun to have none the less. The idea you see here is on a jeep type of SUV and is built out of steel and metal to be lightweight. It's assumed that when the vehicle is in motion, the height of the tiny house would be road legal and that the ladder would be flipped up in order to give the driver a good view of the road ahead. Then the ladder and deck would be extended to allow people to climb up into the tiny house. This particular tiny house looks like it could be around 60 square feet, which would be just enough room for a little bed. It's a really neat idea and could be designed and built by people who are savvy with that kind of project. For others, a rooftop tent might be a better option, and luckily you can buy them on Amazon for around $1,500 US. They're not cheap, but they're definitely durable, and they perform really well. So if you love camping but don't want to be on the cold hard ground, this gives you the option of being up in the air on top of your vehicle — kind of like being in a tree house without the need for a tree.

It's also nice for when you're camping in a location that has ants or other bugs that crawl and could infest your tent, or animals that you want to stay out of reach from while you sleep. The Tepui Kukenam 3 Explorer Roof Top Tent is meant to go right on top of your car and is made for staying warm in the shoulder seasons when you still want to camp out. It's a four season tent that's created to endure the elements in any area and can accommodate up to 3 people. It's made of high-quality 600D ripstop material and a 260-gram poly-cotton blend fabric that will protect from heavy rain and winds. The fabric is also UV and mold resistant, so you don't have to worry about it getting mildewy over time. The mesh panels offer lots of ventilation and airflow in the tent, so it doesn't get stuffy in there. Inside, there is plenty of space and four large pockets for storing items and gear. You don't have to worry about getting a mattress for this tent either because it comes with a high-density foam mattress which is super comfortable to sleep on.

You can take off the canopy for more ventilation, and there are other canopies that they sell separately. There's also the option of adding a privacy annex for more space and protection, but this is also sold separately. The measurements of the sleeping space are 56 inches by 96 inches providing plenty of space to relax and sleep peacefully. It comes with quick release clips for the rain fly and sky panels in the roof of the tent as well. You can get it in grey, green or camo print depending on the look you want and you could even match it to your vehicle. The tent only weighs 15o pounds as well, which isn't too heavy at all. How would you enjoy camping right on the roof of your vehicle? Get your roof tent before camping season.

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