The Cecile Tiny House On Wheels with a Convertible Roof in the Loft!

Tiny house designs just keep getting better and better, don't they? With innovative design ideas like rooftop patios and even hot tubs added onto their decks, it's no wonder these homes are attracting so much attention and fascination. This tiny house on wheels from Optinid takes the original concepts of tiny house design and adds a very unique feature that will really open the entire home up to the outdoors. It's not sliding or French doors that does this, it's a convertible roof that slides open in the loft to reveal the sky. The company from France took the design from their other model called Stephanie and added some more high tech features and other interesting aesthetic touches. The tiny house has a built-in sunroof which increases the total height of the tiny house making it feel so much larger and more expansive inside. The designs from Optinid really favor larger openings which brings in a lot of light and opens the home up to great views too. It also allows for heat recovery when the sun is out as well. The company created the design using the maximum dimensions for a tiny house on wheels. The Cecile has a lot of storage inside as well which is always needed in a tiny house on wheels.

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The home can sleep up to 3 people at a time in the main loft and then another loft can accommodate one person or act as a large storage space. The living room includes a custom made sofa with storage space inside and then a table that can be made into more seating or it can be tucked away under the sofa for storage. The Cecile also has an office space that also functions as the stairway to the loft. It's a great sized desk with a large drawer and seating looking out the window to great views. The kitchen space has a gas stove, as well as great storage under the sink and two storage closets. There's also a retractable table which is hidden under the counter that can be brought out for use. The bathroom features a 80 cm by 80 cm large shower with a glass door as well as a dry flush toilets and a sliding door for privacy. These sliding pocket doors work wonders for smaller spaces allowing people to have privacy without having to sacrifice space. Just slide the door open and closed on its tracks and it hides away nicely in the wall.

On the exterior, the home features fir cladding and black polycarbonate which is a nice, lightweight and long-lasting material. The external dimensions of the home are 20 feet long, 8.3 feet wide and 13 feet high, so it's similar to North American tiny house sizes. The internal dimensions of the tiny house are 19 feet long by 7.2 feet wide and 10 feet high. They also impressively managed to not have any of the wheel arches showing on the inside of the home too. The entire home has 220 square feet which includes the loft spaces. The weight of the tiny house with all of the items in it is 3200 Kg. For the heating hot water, they installed a gas boiler, hot water and central heating which is regulated with two water radiators. One of them is in the living room, and one is in the bathroom for maximum comfort. It also has some solar power with photovoltaic panels on the ground, and 230V shielded electricity They kept the build as environmentally friendly and as healthy as possible using recycled clothing insulation and many other eco-friendly building materials.

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