The Tiny House With The Little Yellow Door

For those considering building their own tiny house on wheels, it can really help to get perspective on the project ahead of you by reading about other people's tiny house builds. The Little Yellow tiny house was a dream that became a reality for Elle, who built the tiny house with her boyfriend. They built the tiny house on a new PJ Trailer that is a 7 foot by 18-foot car hauler with a 7,000 GVWR. The total weight of the home is 6,020 pounds, and it sits about 13.2 feet from the ground. The exterior is beautifully done with wood siding, and they added a cute wooden door that they painted yellow, hence the name of the home. The home may be tiny, but the way they created the layout makes great use of the indoor space. From the entrance of the tiny house, there is the living room area with high ceilings that make it feel larger. Beside the door is a little nook created from built-in bench seating with storage and lots of cushions to make it more comfortable plus two windows around it to bring the outdoors inside. Elle uses an old antique desk in front of the nook to work at on her computer, and it's the perfect size for the tiny house living room. Above the nook is a little storage loft that fits various items and also has a window as well. She also placed a coat rack at the door to organize coats and sweaters.

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Further into the tiny house is the kitchen area with beautiful handmade wood cabinets and a wood slab countertop with a sink included. The cabinets create an L-shape, and there's also a spot for a cooktop on the counter as well. She also added some overhead storage in the kitchen and hung pots and pans to keep them out of the way yet accessible. A storage shelf and cabinet was built into the kitchen to make good use of the space, and this is where they can put various items they need to store away. A ladder leads up into the sleeping loft where there is just enough space for a futon mattress to sleep on in comfort. Underneath the bedroom loft is the bathroom which has a cute steel basin bathtub and a composting toilet that she made from a bucket that uses sawdust as the dry ingredient. She's very creative and came up with a lovely branch jewelry holder to hold her necklaces and a vanity mirror that looks like it's made out of a porthole from a ship.

They added another storage area which has even more space to store items and could also be used as an additional bedroom area or an office space. They added more storage shelving as well which is always nice to have in a tiny house, and there's no such thing as too much storage in a tiny house on wheels. This would also be the perfect place to add some laundry units or an all in one washer and dryer unit. The couple lived in the tiny house for 5 years before moving on recently in 2018, and now they rent out their tiny house to others who want to give tiny house living a try. Little Yellow is a great inspiration for people who want to build their own tiny house, and it shows that even if you choose not to live in the tiny house after a while, you can always rent it out afterwards or sell it to someone who wants to live tiny.

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