Stunning 3.95m Euro Century Castle For Sale In Aubigny-Sur-Nere, France

You'll fall in love with this stunning castle for sale in Aubigny-Sur-Nere, France. The 15th-century castle is priced at €3.95m, located 180 kilometers south of Paris. The castle property is ideally located between Sologne, a region of woods and ponds that is renowned for its sumptuous hunts and properties, the Sancerrois and the Burgundy, rich in monuments, rolling landscapes, and famous wines. The castle sits on a property of about 18 hectares, surrounded by wood, a park, and a sumptuous formal garden. The pink bricks castle rises with, at its feet, many outbuildings to include a vast guest house with a swimming pool, a caretaker's house, function rooms, and various garages, barns, workshops, and sheds.

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The castle property is located 70 kilometers from Orleans, 35 kilometers from Sancerre, and 10 kilometers from Aubigny-Sur-Nere. Orly International Airport is just 150 kilometers away and Orleans Loire Valley private airport is just 50 kilometers away. Aubigny-Sur-Nere is situated in the Cher department and Centre-Loire Valley region. There are several popular places to visit close by to include Briare just 28 kilometers away and Sancerre at 35 kilometers away.

In the Centre-Loire Valley, you can visit the town of Gien which is on the Loire river, in the Loiret department to the southeast of Orleans, and a few kilometers north-east of Briare. A large part of the Gien town center was destroyed during the Second World War, and much of what you see today is a post-war reconstruction. This reconstruction has been carried out very carefully and evokes the feel of a much older town center, but also means the town you see today is very different from the one that you would have seen 100 years ago and there is a substantial amount of modern development. Although it is on the Loire river, note that Gien is quite a distance east of the most famous of the Loire Valley castles and towns.

You can also visit the Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire Abbey on the Loire river in the Loiret department, to the southeast of Orleans. It is the benedictine abbey that dominates the village that is the main reason visitors come to this location, as well as numerous pilgrims. The abbey is also referred to as the Abbey de Fleury. The abbey church at Saint-Benoit-Sur-Loire is a beautifully maintained and restored example of 12th-century religious architecture. The church dates back from the 11th century (and built on the site of an even older religious edifice that had been destroyed) the Abbey of Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire is one of the best examples of Roman-style churches in France and contains numerous features of interest.

Visit Briare in the Centre-Loire Valley, located southeast of Orleans, towards the eastern edge of the Loire Valley region. On the banks of the Loire River, the river is crossed here by the Canal de Briare, and activities on and around the waterfronts are the main attractions in the town. When you visit Briare in the Port de Plaisance leisure port, you can take a lovely stroll along the waterfront admiring the scenery and the pleasure boats that line the waterside with the best view of the pleasure port being from the Henry IV bridge.

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