Impressive 2.12m Euro Century Chateau With Farmhouse For Sale In Vernegues, France

There is so much to love about this 13th Century Chateau with Farmhouse for sale in Vernegues, France. The impressive 13th-century Chateau with renovated farmhouse near Aix en Provence is priced at €2.12m. This magnificent property is located within a short distance from the prestigious Pont Royal Golf Club and is set in the heart of a wooded plot of approximately 14 hectares. It consists of a renovated farmhouse and a wonderful chateau. The farmhouse comprises approximately 270 square meters of living space and offers 6 bedrooms, each with a shower room, dining room, a lounge, a fully-equipped kitchen, a back kitchen, and a study.

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The chateau sits in an elevated position and comprises approximately 220 square feet of living space. It offers an internal courtyard that is protected by a walled enclosure, a watchtower with a terrace looking overlooking the valley and the Luberon, a reception room, and large rooms which have preserved their original features to include magnificent stained-glass windows, impressive fireplaces, and vaulted ceilings. This chateau property could make a beautiful family home or be used for prestigious seasonal lets, weddings, hotel rooms, receptions, or seminars.

Aix en Provence is a little college town situated in Southern France. The provincial area is the perfect place to get away from the bustling city a place where you can walk around peaceful gardens, shop at local markets, and visit art galleries. The following are just some of the things you can do.

Musee Granet. First opened in 1838, this classic museum has an eclectic selection of over 12,000 works, featuring an American exhibition with pop artworks, a neoclassical sculpture collection, and original pieces from Paul Cezanne and Picasso. The museum gets roughly 100,000 visitors each year, but there are never crowds of people or long lines. It’s a small space and not as overwhelming as most museums, so you can spend an afternoon there, see the museum’s entire collection, and then grab a nice dinner in town.

Le Cours Mirabeau. A picturesque boulevard that is perfect for an afternoon stroll or a scenic evening out. The street is lined by towering trees, which create a beautiful tunnel effect, and along the street are countless restaurants, cafes, and shops to visit. There is also a small street market that takes place weekly, which brings the community together in a quaint, small-town way. Visit in the evening for a lively atmosphere.

Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur d’Aix-en-Provence. This is an important national monument in France. You can come, sit, and reflect in this beautiful cathedral while enjoying the art that surrounds you. The architecture includes Gothic and Neo-gothic influences, with Roman columns. During your visit, you'll want to see the bell tower, the cloister, and the baptistery, or simply look at the carved doors. Though the interior is decorated with beautiful art, it isn’t overwhelming, and the decor is simple in comparison to other famous churches. You can sit and enjoy the quiet and serene atmosphere, or attend a service to hear lovely music from the organ.

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