Momo: A Lovely Seven Meter Tiny House

The Momo is a 7.5-meter (24 feet) tiny house on wheels that is not so tiny, and it comes not with one but with two separate entrance doors. The tiny house on wheels has stairs, and it can accommodate a family of four with all the coziness and comfort of a classic home. The Momo is a good sized tiny house design with wood and red trim on the exterior. Inside you have wood throughout from the floors, walls and ceiling. This tiny house on wheels has stairs that lead up to the upstairs sleeping loft, so no having to deal with ladders in the middle of the night. The good sized kitchen has plenty of storage space with kitchen cabinets and lots of open shelving on the walls. There are wooden kitchen countertops and a pullout table to use as a counter space or for a dining table. Underneath the stairs leading up to the loft is more storage, so there are lots of places to put all your stuff. The bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet.

The Momo tiny house on wheels built by Tiny Wunder House is handcrafted for tiny house lovers in Germany and Europe. They are the Tiny Wunder House team, a multidisciplinary group from different corners of the continent who are focused on creating outstanding tiny houses on wheels. They began building tiny house designs as a hobby and evolved their passion into building tiny houses on wheels for the European tiny house community.

Philosophy. The philosophy of living a tiny house lifestyle is that of simplicity and convenience. Tiny houses on wheels offer even more freedom as you can take it with you wherever you want or need. The small house living lifestyle can be suitable for singles, students, young people, families or older people and everyone in between. Also, the use of a tiny house on wheels can be versatile to include a permanent residence, a vacation home, a full-time home, backyard office or guesthouse, or whatever form of shelter that you have in mind, there are no limits to your imagination.

Everybody knows that a long-lasting house needs to have a strong foundation. In the case of Tiny Wunder House, the foundation is a custom made heavy-duty trailer that is capable of sustaining and carrying a tiny house design anywhere the road goes. Once the tiny house trailer is set, they design the blueprint for the future tiny house design, and after that, it’s a matter of knowledge, talent and diligence. While these tiny house builders carefully handcraft every nook and cranny of your dream tiny house design all you have to do is to plan and wait for all of those amazing trips that you are going to take. At the end of the tiny house building process, you won’t get just any tiny house design; you’ll get a Tiny Wunder House which will feel like home instantly. Tiny Wunder House has three tiny houses on wheels models to choose and to be inspired by.

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