Stay in a Luxury Island Hut Off Norway's Epic Coastline

The Sea Cabins on Manshausen are sure to provide one of the most stunning vacation stays you've ever experienced. Stay in a luxury island hut off Norway's epic coastline, where you'll experience untouched green hillsides and blue waters which feel somewhat like Heaven on Earth. Better yet, you have the opportunity to spend your birthday beneath the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights, all in a stylish space that gives you all the comfort and activity you could want. The gorgeous 55-acre island that is Manshausen, or the seaside cabins that makeup Manshausen Island Resort to be exact are where you will find the magnificent and contemporary luxury huts that have floor-to-ceiling window walls to ensure that you wake up and go to sleep with the Norwegian sea and mountains in full view.

Manshausen is 55 acres of the island just across the fjord from Lofoten. In the old days, the island was a part of a trading post that officially opened in 1690. Its long history is mainly due to the protected harbor and good fishing grounds in the Vestfjord area. The main house and the stone piers are remains from that historical era. The nature around Manshausen is stunning with protected islands, islets, beaches, high mountains, midnight sun in the summer, and northern light in the winter. Here you can do activities like kayaking, diving, climbing, trekking, caving, sailing, fishing, and so much more.

There are 14 buildings on Manshausen. Seven of these are the Sea Cabins that attract appreciative guests. Each cabin building has a pristine view that enhances your scenic experience. In addition, there is the Main House (Hovedhuset), with the Restaurant and Library. The New Boathouse (Nynaustet) contains the conference facilities and the Expedition Loft with its dormitory accommodation. Other facilities on the island include a hot tub and a sauna, living quarters for Manshausen’s host couple, and a service building. You'll enjoy a stay in the award-winning Sea Cabins. The Sea Cabins are designed to make your Manshausen experience very special. Each cabin building is designed for sophisticated simplicity while enhancing your intimate connection with the surrounding nature, sea, and light.

The philosophy of Steigen is all about the weather, the light, and nature itself. The owners felt it was essential to harmonize their plans with these elements while striving for simplicity and following Borge’s insistence on quality. That is why everything they build aspires to a gentle dialogue with nature. The result is the award-winning Sea Cabins, where everything superfluous has been eliminated and the design is wholly focused on you and your experience as our guest.

One of the best parts about the cabins is the bed with a view. Simply put, the aim is to enhance your sense of being in the moment. Add tranquillity and comfort, and you have the Manshausen experience in a nutshell. Each of the Sea Cabins enjoys a stunning panoramic view so you can savor it while you are lying in bed, lounging in comfortable chairs, or preparing your meal in the kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer an unobstructed view of the ever-changing light and scenery. Let the stress and toil of everyday life dissolve as you settle into a deep calm.

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