Enter Morning Star Ranch and Fall in Love With the Original 1860s Features Within

This rustic cabin building sits on 160 acres and is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. The charming wood cabin was built in the 1860s and opened as a guesthouse in 1993. The popular cabin building accommodation represents the true Texas Hill Country experience. The tiny cabin building is 7 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg. Sit out on the front porch and view the moon and stars while you enjoy some fresh air. See wild turkey and deer on the oak-covered 160 acres. You can also enjoy the swing in the front yard under the century-old beautiful live oak tree. Inside you will find the cabin building decorated with rustic antique furniture and memorabilia. The Morning Star Guesthouse rustic cabin building abounds with history, romance, and relaxation. This cabin building is available to rent for $149 per night.

There is so much to love about this charming little cabin building. You'll want to take a look inside and be inspired by the rustic decor and character wherever you look. From the moment you set eyes on the front covered porch to the rustic details throughout, you will fall in love with the Morning Star guesthouse, so much that you will want to have a cabin building just like it. Some of the features you can enjoy in this cabin building guesthouse include a two bedroom-king size bed downstairs and a full-size bed upstairs, a jacuzzi bathtub for two, separate stand-alone shower, full kitchen with fridge, satellite television and wireless internet. The Morning Star Guesthouse has a covered porch, window unit air conditioning and space heaters, there is no central heat and air, and a barbecue pit. The charming cabin building has two bedrooms, one bathroom and sleeps four.

This rustic cabin building is beautiful inside and out, and a bit part of its appeal is in its rustic charm. You'll notice between the logs gaps are filled which help to give this cabin building its unique look. The process of filling gaps between the logs in a wood cabin is called chinking. Log cabin historians know that this is a two-step process. The first step is to find something to ill the gap between the logs. This is where things would have got creative for the original wood cabin builders. This step would have required them having to find anything that they had within carrying distance to stuff in the gaps. That might include grass, straw, mud, manure, corn cobs, or goat hair.

Step two of the process is called daubing. This is a grey mixture which is similar to cement, which goes over the stuffed gap and is what creates the weather sealing. As far as daubing mixtures go, just like chinking, there are no rules, and the pioneers would have used different mixes. You might find two parts cement, mixed with one part oakum (frayed rope) and one part grass. Whatever is used as the daube would later set and give you a unique look similar to what you see in this Morning Star Guesthouse.

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