See This Unique and High Quality Cabin From Trestle Wood

You'll be sure to fall in love with this beautiful cabin building built from trestle wood, with a unique look like nothing you've seen before. The trestle wood is sawn for the piling of the Great Salt Lake's Lucin Cutoff railroad trestle and gets its unique coloring from the salt and other minerals of the Great Salt Lake which have helped to create this signature Trestlewood product line, known for its wide range of colors and other unique characteristics. This is just one of the types of timber you might choose when considering your home design. There are plenty of varieties of timber to choose from, the following are just a few you might consider.

Mushroom Wood. This wood originates deep underground in Appalachian coal country where no longer-productive coal mines have been converted into mushroom growing facilities. Thousands of board feet of species to include hemlock, cypress, and cedar have been used in these facilities to provide growing platforms for the mushrooms. You'll want to check out this interesting summary of the history and uses of Mushroomwood.

Trailblazer Weathered. Trestlewood's Trailblazer Weathered Timbers is the perfect answer for a project that needs the beauty of rustic timbers. Weathered timbers are mixed species that will have a range of colors and characteristics (including pockets and notches from the timber's original joinery) that you would expect from timbers reclaimed from vintage barns and other agricultural structures. Trailblazer Weathered Timbers can be sorted for broadly defined characteristics (browns versus grays or hardwoods versus softwoods), but absolute consistency is neither desirable nor achievable with this product.

Weathered Barnwood Grays. This weathered barn wood is a mix/blend product that combines the strengths of several reclaimed and non-reclaimed weathered/aged lumber sources to provide an optimized weathered lumber package. Available in a variety to include grays, antique barn wood, and other reclaimed and naturally weathered sources such as trestle wood and weathered lumber.

Antique Barnwood. Trestlewood has antique barn wood that is carefully reclaimed from siding, roof boards, granary boards, loft floors, and other parts of vintage structures. Antique Barnwood is regularly used for exterior siding, interior paneling, ceiling material, soffit material, fascia, base and case, trim, doors, cabinets, and more. The company sorts their Antique Barnwood into three general buckets to include gray rough, brown rough, and smooth brown/gray (heavier to browns). You are welcome to mix and match any of these colors/textures for your particular application. Trestlewood's Corral Board is a premium Antique Barnwood Gray option with greater color consistency and longer lengths than our average Antique Barnwood Gray Lumber.

Resawn Picklewood Cypress. This uniquely colored wood comes from pickle vats salvaged from different sites in North America. Cypress Picklewood lumber can come from any combination of staves and bottoms. Weathered staves lumber often has banding marks on the surface, and resawn staves lumber can have dark streaking/staining/color variation. Weathered bottoms lumber generally has a smoother texture than weathered staves lumber and does not have banding marks to speak of, with the resawn bottoms lumber generally having less color variation than resawn staves lumber.

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