Sky and Mountains, This View Is Breathtaking and Is Worth a Million Dollars

You'll love everything this beautiful log cabin has to offer, the sky and mountains, with breathtaking views worth a million dollars. Get to know this log house, where staring ahead will take on a different dimension. During your vacation stay, you can visit the village, high in the mountains. At your disposal, exclusively, the log house accommodation sleeps up to 10 people comfortably in 2-person bedrooms. Every morning is different at the cabin. You can get up before dawn and with a cup of coffee in your hand, welcome the new day at a picturesque, amazingly beautiful sunrise. Start your morning activities with an energizing yoga session combined with outdoor meditation.

Take a trip to the nearby lake and dip in its cool, clear waters or sunbathe on the sandy beach. Spend the afternoon lying down and watching the grass grow, or exploring the surrounding scenic trails, on foot or by bike, just the way you like it. In the evening, light a fire, unfold the blanket, and admire the beautiful, starry night sky, listening to the crackling of the wood. Enjoy the quiet, slow-moving life and get to know the luxury of doing nothing, without tight deadlines and traffic jams, but with rattling storks in the neighborhood.

The log house has 2,700 squares feet of space. On the ground floor, there is a spa area (sauna, hydro-massage bathtub, spacious shower), spa area connected to the house, and additionally an exit directly to the outside. There is a cinema room with a 70 inch TV and a large comfortable corner, laundry (washing machine, dryer), ski room, boiler room (closed room). The ground floor also has a kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 double bedrooms, shared bathroom (2 washbasins, shower), technical room, and main entrance with vestibule. The upper floor has 3 double bedrooms, a bathroom (shower), a children's play area, and a reading corner.

Facilities on the vacation property include a spacious garden on cascading shelves, terrace with balustrades and closed gates (security for small children), on the terrace a place to eat breakfast with a view of Babia Gora, with a long table and benches, a place for a bonfire, covered carport for cars, open area next to the property without a fence, and you can go through the fields to the nearby mountain trails.

Planned improvements for the vacation property is that the owners are in the process of implementing an external spa zone with a tree-fired tub, it is planned to make the logs available to guests in spring 2022. At the moment, the tub is not the rental offer you are booking today, but it will be a nice convenience at no extra charge if everything goes according to plan.

For children, there is a large open area that is the perfect playground for little explorers. At the log cabin, the owners have prepared a play area for children with a table, chairs, a blackboard, cupboards, gadgets, and toys necessary for the youngest. All amenities, such as a bathtub, high chair, potty, toilet covers, travel cot are provided and will be prepared at your request free of charge.

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