See Just How Livable a Floating House Boat Can Be

This Portage Bay Float House is a stunning houseboat that is moored in Portage Bay, just one of Seattle's many floating home communities. This charming home is one of eight floating homes that share a cooperatively owned dock as well as a piece of land to park vehicles on. This particular house was built about ten years ago in the popular American Craftsman style. This is a style of design that was popular from the late 1800s to the 1930s. The style of design and building was created to keep handcrafting alive when the industrial revolution had started to take off. So with this home, you can see that some of these handcrafted elements are still integrated into home design even in our modern day and age. The floating home looks like any regular home, except for the fact that it's on a floating platform. The platform just looks like a regular wooden deck though which is nice, and it even has patio furniture and a ladder making it easy to go for a dip.

The red and glass front door leads into the small entry foyer which then leads to the kitchen. The kitchen is a very functional galley style kitchen with full-sized appliances and lots of cabinet space. There's also a nice sink with a window above which is always great to look out of while cleaning up. Through the kitchen is the living room which has beautiful open and tall ceilings. There is also a lovely fireplace which would be perfect for colder days and a cute window seat. There's even a dining area and then sliding doors that open onto the deck area. All of the windows placed throughout the home provide some natural light and great views depending on where the boat is moored. There is also a balcony area off of the main bedroom to. This would be a great place to sit and watch the water or the boats passing by.

This houseboat comes at a pretty pricey $825,000 USD which is pretty steep but considering you could move it around as you like, it might be worth it for some people. This home shows us that not only can living in a houseboat be practical if it's done right, living in a smaller space can be great. A small houseboat like this one would be perfect for those who love living an unconventional lifestyle but one that promotes relaxation. It could also make for a great guest house as well. It's important to find a place to properly park your houseboat though and sometimes that can be difficult depending on where you live. You could possibly take trips all over North America with your tiny houseboat. It would be such a calm and peaceful way to enjoy a vacation and get to see some of the sights along the way. Small cottages like this can also be built on foundations to make great tiny houses for full-time living or to use as vacation homes.

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