Small House Living In A 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

This 1959 Spartan renovation is a good lesson in what you can achieve in a tiny house design. The unique small house plan has an interior and exterior that is sure to inspire. The 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion, on top of being a Spartan, is a great design, it's one of those homes that you will adore because of its simplicity, it’s vintage, and it’s about as close to perfect as it can get. The owner of this Vintage Spartan did a perfect job of keeping its originality but still updating the unique small house plan for modern living convenience.

Russell Logan is the owner of this 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion small house design. It sat at the same park for more than 50 years and was owned by a couple that only used it two weeks a year as a vacation home. When the park closed, the couple decided to sell it. The vintage Spartan was listed on Craigslist, and that's when Logan bought it with no questions asked. He bought the Spartan for about the same price that it went for in 1959, maybe even a little cheaper.

The vintage Spartan would prove to be a bit of a challenge when it came to finding a park or a community that would accept the unique small house plan. The reason for this is that there are just too many rules and regulations that hinder the placement of older manufactured homes designs. Thankfully though, Logan was able to place the Spartan in a perfect location surrounded by mountains and a river, which provided a lovely location for the unique small house plan to call home.

This Spartan is all original, and with just a little bit of updating and fixing he was able to keep it as original looking as possible. From the ceiling to the beautifully finished floors, this vintage Spartan has everything that a person needs. It's amazing that this vintage Spartan manufactured home design is just as good today as it was almost 60 years ago.

Spartan’s trailers are the epitome of vintage manufactured home designs. The trailers were top of the line when they were originally made, and that is evident by their ability to stand the test of time. Anyone that can call a Spartan home is lucky because they were built to last, and if properly cared for and maintained will stand the test of time. This is one of the most immaculately kept vintage manufactured homes you will see, and its a great example of what you can find if you look around. And while you might not find this exact model, you might be surprised to find something you will love, that with a little bit of work you will have a unique small house plan of your own. The paneling in this unique small house plan is original as is the ceiling. Fortunately, the previous owners of this Spartan trailer took great care of this home, perfect for its new owner.

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