Brilliant Designs! Expandable Unfolding Trailer Expands 3x It's Original Size

Camping is a favourite pastime for many people, and while some people like to rough it, others like the comfort and space of a trailer. Check out this awesome Beauer 3x Expandable Teardrop Trailer which can offer up to three times the extra space. With so many trailers on the market, it can be daunting to figure out which one will suit you best and which one you will get the best use out of. Plus, the other factor of how much will it cost and how much can you afford to spend on it. With all of the beautiful trailers out there, there really has to be something special about the new ones coming out, and this one definitely has a special quality to it.

The Beauer Expandable Tear Drop trailer is everything and more, all rolled into one little package. The design of this trailer is so brilliant, that it starts out as a tiny little trailer, and then when it is parked, you just flip a switch and it expands into a longer, more spacious trailer that you can enjoy and really spread out in. There is everything you need inside, you will see that there is a bed area, a little kitchen area, where you can prepare food, and even a little eating nook with a table where meals can be eaten in comfort. The kitchen even has a little gas stove and a couch style seating bench in the corner.

The look of the trailer is highly sophisticated and elegant, plus it looks very cool and modern, which a lot of people will like. The camping trailer can be pulled behind a truck or SUV, even most cars, just like any smaller camping trailer, like a tent trailer or a Bolr camping trailer. The idea is for it to be super compact and easy to tow so that you can camp in style once you get to your destination. The camper expands very quickly too, within a matter of seconds, it is expanded fully and you would be able to step inside. That is pretty awesome, considering the time it takes to set up some different types of tent trailer or camper. This little unit would be sure to make anyone a happy camper.

It also looks really nice inside, with the very minimalist decor, everything being white, or silver and light blue in colour, so it is not too in your face. This would be such an awesome little place to sleep after a long day of hiking or kayaking on the lake. It would make the perfect little summer home away from home. The best thing is, that when you are done, you just push a button and it goes back to it's smaller size. They are still just working with the prototypes, so this one is not actually available quite yet, so make sure you keep an eye out for them when they come out and are ready to be sold. With so many different types of trailers out there, why not own something different and unique?

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