These Eco-Friendly Pods Offer a Better Way to Have a Home Office

You will love these eco-friendly Podzook Backyard Office Pods, just like The UK Arhcipod the eco-friendly work pod, but made for US residents. Judy Bernier is the designer behind the Podzook work pod made especially for the US market. Bernier, a trained architect was a huge fan of the original office pod, so she teamed up with the UK's Archipod’s inventor Chris Sneesby to create a pod design for people in the U.S. and Canada. The brand has each Podzook built in Maine using environmentally friendly locally-sourced wood and sustainable materials, with the shingles being sourced from a small company just a few towns away from their facility.

There is much to be said of a small company taking this type of assembly process from start to finish and showing just how important quality control is to them. With amazing features from the top hinged gull-winged door and round windows to the dome skylight perched atop the pod, making it the perfect backyard office for anyone looking to get some work done outside of the traditional cubicle. It's no wonder the cute pod design has become so popular in both the UK and in North America. It's simple design that includes a good sized desk that hugs around its curved wall, white walls, along with a white desk, hardwood floors, the tiny round window, a skylight up above so you can get some natural light, lighting surrounding the skylight, and a space-aged tiny door that opens up the pod to get inside.

It really is as easy as purchasing one of these small pods and you can immediately set up your backyard office space. How cool is that? The Podzook is a great example of why tiny house designs have become so popular, they are not just for use for full-time living, but tiny house designs being made for backyard offices like this Podzook. They can also be used as artist studios, writers studios, guest houses, tiny house vacation homes and so much more. Even just as a little backyard hang out space to go and read or meditate.

Have you noticed how popular tiny house and eco-home designs are lately? These days it seems like everywhere you look you are seeing tiny houses and eco-friendly solutions in locations all over the world. It seems more and more people are thinking about sustainability, and because of that you are seeing a variety of designs, styles and plans available to choose from. In this modern world, many of us have become accustomed to living in larger sized homes that are built affordably and not sustainably. We really don't need as much space as we think we do, and using smaller, more eco-friendly spaces will only help in the long run. These pods are a really great way to add more indoor space to your property without having to go through an entire lengthy building process. Would you put one of these units in your backyard? What would you use it for?

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