Holiday House With a View in Latvia

You'll love the view from this tiny holiday house that is located in Salacgriva, Latvia. The cozy tiny house can accommodate up to 4 guests with 2 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire tiny house to yourself. The tiny house vacation rental ist in a nice quiet spot surrounded by nature. At your disposal, there is a well-equipped 2-persons small cottage home with the possibility to accommodate up to 4 people and a terrace with a great view. The tiny cabin building is just an 8-minute walk to the beautiful coast of the Riga's sea bay, where you can enjoy both the sunrises and sunsets. The beach close to the tiny house is quiet and without stones, which is important for swimmers.

From the small cottage plan, there is an unobstructed view with an outdoor terrace for dining, a self-catering barbecue, and relaxation. The cozy cottage has all the amenities you need to include a shower, sink, built-in kitchen with a ceramic hob, fridge, and kettle. The holiday cottage has two double-sized beds, bicycles for hire, wifi, auxiliary audio system, a drinking water from the borehole, which in turn means quality and good taste. Surrounding the cabin building are tent places and it is also possible to rent bicycles and use the new bicycle route that leads to the nearest shop or Salacgriva, where you can find both entertaining possibilities, a good meal, and shopping.

The small cottage home is just 2 kilometers away from the Salacgrīva Bus Terminal, the intercity bus stop is 300 meters away, Riga International Airport is 118 kilometers, and Sigulda is 100 kilometers. The nearest gas station is just 4km away. Salacgriva is a town in the northern part of the Vidzeme's region, in Latvia. The center of the area that surrounds Salacgriva is the mouth of the Salaca River, and the town's name means the Mouth of Salaca in Latvian. Salacgriva is famous for hosting the Positivus Festival every July since 2007 for 3 days of attracting thousands of tourists. The distance from Salacgriva to the capital of Latvia, Riga is 103 km, to Limbaai it is 50 kilometers, to Valmiera it is 95 kilometers. The area is export timber, wood-working industry, food production and trade which are the most important factors in the economy of the town Salacgriva.

You'll want to hike the trails of the Salaca Valley with some of the most picturesque and scenic views of Middle Devonian red sandstone outcrops, springs, caves, a mighty pine forest stand and legends that are wrapped around these natural formations. In addition to the natural wonders along the trail in this area, there is also a selection of specially designed wooden sculptures and interactive wooden objects. In the Salaca Valley, you'll want to visit the Waltenberg Manor ensemble which was built on the Salaca shores in the turn of 18th and the 19th centuries in late classicism architectural design and style. The castle was built for Baron von Folkersahm.

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