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Log cabin buildings are one of the most popular types of home designs. Log houses are beautiful, with the look of the cabin building, the contrast of color between the natural wood and the lush green surrounding, is what makes log cabins so aesthetically pleasing. There is no doubt that a log cabin building catches the eye of anyone nearby, with the inside of the log house often being even more appealing than the exterior. There are a variety of different wood species available for log houses, and choosing the right wood can be difficult. There are plenty of factors that determine which type of wood works best, with factors such as whether the wood is prone to bending, shrinking or twisting being at the top of the list. Other things to consider are on the woods durability; how long the wood will last and more. Before you begin planning your cabin building, you'll want to do your homework and know about the different species of wood.

Eastern White Pine. This wood species starts off lighter, but with time will become darker with more exposure. Western Red Cedar. This wood species is more expensive wood, especially in the United States. It’s a beautiful choice but often difficult to get a large abundance of. Western Red Cedar has a lovely red hue, is known to be resistant to rot and insects. Douglas Fir. This wood species is also called Red Fir or Yellow Fir. It is a very strong wood and is not easily impacted by fungus or mold. Atlantic White. Commonly known as Juniper. This wood species is light brown, doesn’t easily decay, and holds paint well.

Log houses are a good choice when it comes to sustainability. Even if you were to just buy some timber from a sustainability certified source, you have reduced your carbon footprint by a large amount compared to using more traditional building materials such as cement, plaster or mortar. Building a log house sustainably is something that is becoming more and more important to people. The good news about log houses is that timber is one of the most sustainable building materials there is, especially if you buy from a sustainable source, as more trees will be planted for each one that is harvested. Logs are a completely renewable resource, once it is no longer viable to restore the log house, the wood from the log house has many more uses such as wood chips or being used as fuel.

Log houses are a great choice, especially if you are hoping to spend more time in nature. Many people long to be closer to nature and to leave less of a carbon footprint. Imagine waking up every day to the sound of birds humming in the trees, the sound of the ocean, or with stunning views of the mountains. Living in a log cabin in a location where you can see the stars at night, is a popular dream. With so many natural building materials being used to build your cabin building, from the wooden walls to the stone fireplace, a log house surrounded by nature both inside and out, is an amazing way to disconnect from the worries and stresses of everyday life and to reconnect with yourself and enjoy life.

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