Featured Log Builder: Flynn Log Homes

Flynn Log Homes is a Canadian log builder located in Quebec, building custom log homes and cabins for over two decades. They are the leading log builder in Quebec, providing beautiful, high-quality log cabins and homes for their customers. The log builders at Flynn Log Homes use only the highest quality Eastern White Pine logs which are crucial to the integrity of the build, and they only hire on the best local Canadian woodworkers to build the homes properly. The owner, James supervises every project to ensure that each project is built the best it can be and that everything is running smoothly. Each log builder on the Flynn Log Homes team is proficient in every tool they use to build the log homes. They use everything from chainsaws to scribes to built their gorgeous, traditional and real log cabins. The log builders also pride themselves on upholding the old traditions of the area. So instead of following the trends of building factory-made homes, Flynn Log Homes crafts each cabin for a truly unique Canadian home. So this log builder would be perfect for those who want a traditional, rustic style of log home. All of the log homes from Flynn Log Homes is crafted out of naturally dried logs that are hand-scribed using traditional log building methods.

The log builder has sample plans, or customers can work with them to create a custom plan. Since all customers need the inspiration to start with, it's great that Flynn Log Homes has 25 years’ worth of plans to browse through. Then, if an existing plan is what you want, they'll work with you to customize it to your preferences. On the other hand, if you want a completely different plan from what they have available, it's also possible to start some drawings from scratch as well. Even if you find another plan or design that you like from somewhere else, the log builders will still help you create the log home design of your dreams with whatever information you share with them. They just want to make sure that your log home is exactly the way you want it. It's also nice to know that when you call Flynn Log Homes, you will actually meet with the owner, James Flynn who will talk with you about all aspects of the building process from design to building. Once the design is taken care of the log builders can then build your dream log home. They build log homes using the Scandinavian style of log building for the best results. This process does happen to take longer, but the quality is incredible, and these log homes will last a lifetime or more. Everything is assembled by hand at every stage of the build.

They don't use any machines at all in this company. The exterior shell is built in their factory one log at a time, then once it's completed, the log builders carefully take it apart and then deliver it to the building site where it's re-assembled and then finished so you can move in. When you hire Flynn Log Homes you’re not just making a choice to own a beautiful handcrafted log home; you're also supporting local workers so you'll be supporting the Canadian and local economy. The company being in business for as long as they have with many happy customers also says that they are reliable, stable, and have great skill to build the best log homes. In most cases, the prices of the log homes and cabins from Flynn Log Homes range from $30 to $40 per square foot of log wall. The pricing differences depend on the complexity of your floorplan and any custom designs you would like to incorporate. On their website, they have a detailed list of what they include and what is not included in their pricing, and they can also give customers an estimate or a quote of what their log home build will cost.

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