Featured Log Builder: Pioneer Log Homes of BC

Pioneer Log Homes is one of the leading log home builders in the world building homes internationally. The log builder's home base is in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada where there's an abundance of Spruce, Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar trees. Pioneer Log Homes was first started up in 1973, and over the decades the log builder has built thousands of beautiful handcrafted log houses. The craftsmen log builders at Pioneer Log Homes are all experts in the art of log house construction and use the traditional log building techniques. The initial construction of log house designs are completed in Williams Lake. The log builders carve their log ends using either a traditional Alaskan finish, a smooth-faced Yukon finish, or with gentle scrolled timber arches. When the log house construction of the simple shell is completed, meaning only the exterior logs, each of the logs will be numbered and labelled to be delivered to the building site. Once at the building site, the log builders then re-assemble the logs to create a beautiful structure.

Looking at the homes, these log builders have created over the years you can see the amazing attention to detail in all of their log builds. Some of the log homes even include stone and mason work. It's a lot of work to build a log structure, placing each of the logs in the perfect position so that everything fits together to create an airtight and solid home. This is why log house building is such an art, and log builders like Pioneer Log Homes deserve all of the accolades they get for their work. That's also why many people choose to have their log houses handcrafted by log builders. Every Pioneer Log Home is designed and built by a team of log builders who painstakingly handcraft every detail and deliver your log home on time, on budget and in balance with nature’s perfect surroundings. With over 40 years of experience, these log builders can help with every step along the way from working construction drawings, assisting in submissions for building permits, log home engineering requirements or community planning. The log homes built by Pioneer log homes are built to withstand high annual rainfall, severe winds, snowfall, earthquakes, and extreme climates.

The log homes built by these professional log builders are designed and engineered for each individual location they are constructed in, and they have built log homes in North America, Central Asia, Scotland, Switzerland and Germany. They factor in exposures to sunlight, severe winds, climate change, and earthquakes. They have built in locations that are situated on very active faults and seismic lines. Some of Pioneer’s log homes are engineered to a seismic 4B rating, which is extreme in every manner. So the log builders build each home with specific structural mechanisms and hold downs that fasten the log shell package and roof structures to the foundation. Knowing that Pioneer Log Homes log builders build the homes with these things in mind, offers a lot of comfort and peace of mind when it comes to choosing a log builder and a log home. It's also great to know that insect and termite problems of the past have virtually been eliminated with the current log building techniques and practices such as site management, suppression barriers, and treated wood. Pioneer Log Homes have built and shipped world-class log homes to locations as far away as Australia and also the Southern United States where damaging insects are more common. It's clear that this log builder is one of the best as a reflection of their glowing reviews and testimonials from happy customers from around the world.

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