Featured Builder: Peco Log Homes

Since 1978, log builder, Peco Log Homes of Pentiction, British Columbia have been building and shipping their premier log house designs, chalets and log cottages around the world. At the forefront of hand-built log house construction technology, log builder, Peco Log Homes offer the latest in log house building techniques. These log builders have 24 years of award-winning log homes in Japan, and a beautiful luxury log resort in Texas. You'll find everything from cute and cozy log cabin designs to majestic 10,000 square foot luxury log resorts, log builder Peco Log Homes have built it all. You can see the quality craftsmanship in all of their log cabin buildings that combine unique character with their natural surroundings to create the log house or chalet of your dreams.

These log builders commitment to these building standards has provided the log builders with a worldwide customer base with whom their reputation resounds. Peter Rasmussen is the founder and President of the company of Peco log builders and has been in the log house industry for more than 35 years. His hands-on experience in all aspects of log house construction gives you the confidence and comfort that you are having your dream log house built by professionals. Log builder, Peco Log Homes is an honest log house company with a sincere desire to give you the best that can be offered in a quality crafted log house that you will always be proud to live in. At Signature Log Homes by Peco Log Homes, they believe that happy customers are their most valuable asset.

There are several benefits to log home contractors building your log house with one of the top being that trees are a renewable resource. When a home design is made from solid logs, you are taking the carbon that is contained in those logs out of environmental circulation over the entire life of the log house. Log houses are known to be long-lasting. When you go with a reputable log builder, you know your log home is going to last. Log houses can withstand almost anything that is thrown at them. From rain, snow, high winds, log houses are some of the toughest homes.


For log cabin building inquiries by phone, call: 1-250-809-2150 or email [email protected]

Log houses fit in with their natural surroundings. Since wood is an organic building material that comes from nature, log houses naturally integrate right into their natural landscapes. There is a certain warmth to wood. Wood is warm to the touch and has something known as thermal mass, which is a natural property in the logs that helps to keep the inside temperatures of log houses comfortable in all seasons. Thermal mass allows the log walls to collect and store energy, then radiate that energy back into the log home. Log houses are super energy efficient, provided the log house is sealed properly between the log house foundation and the first course of logs, between the log-to-log connections and where the roof system meets the log walls, you can have a super energy efficient log house. Log houses by this log builder are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles with something to suit your lifestyle and needs.

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