Exploring Made Easy in the Lewis and Clark Tiny House

Check out this awesome tiny house on wheels. Welcome to Lewis and Clark's Tiny House as you watch this great video of their lovely little abode. Tiny houses are all the rage right now, with shows on television and more tiny house websites than you can count. To think, just a few years ago tiny houses were still a fairly uncommon thing, and now you hear about them much more often, and more people seem to be building them. Small mobile homes like Toni Lewis and Tim Clark's mobile home are quite exciting to design and build. The couple worked on their tiny house on wheels together, implementing the design that they wanted. After living in a large home for years while raising their sons, the couple decided to downsize and build their very own tiny house design. They ended up starting a business out of it all and have flown with the idea since.

A tiny house for sale such as this would go quickly with so many great design details. They help people who want to build small mobile homes achieve their dreams and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Building your tiny house on wheels is not for the faint of heart, it is an intense process, but it is also quite simple to achieve when you know what you are doing. And who better to gain some advice from than two people who have gone through that whole process themselves?

Toni and Tim's named their tiny home the Lewis and Clark tiny house after their last names which is pretty darn cute don't you think? It's so awesome that a tiny house can be named after the owners. The couple took every opportunity to create the tiny house they wanted, and they created a floor plan that is unique and very cozy. Looking through the photos on Tiny House Swoon, you can get an idea of the layout. But the video is so worth watching as well because they go through all of the rooms and show some of the appliances, including their propane heater which is essential for their cold winter climate in Montana.

What is so great about their tiny house on wheels is that they fit everything on one single level, meaning that there are not lofts. This also means no stairs or ladders for them to have continuously to climb to get to bed which they must be happy about. The living room in this tiny house design is very spacious, fitting a futon and other seating with a television for entertainment. There is even a pass-through which you can pass your movie snacks through to make it easier. The kitchen in this tiny house design has a little convection oven and a hot plate with a decent sized refrigerator too. There is notably quite a lot of storage within the kitchen of this tiny house design as well.

One of the best things about this tiny house building is the dining room that can seat quite a few people in it. The table pulls out, and chairs can be pulled up to feast. Once your meal is done, the bed folds down, and the room becomes their bedroom which is so cool. They even have a little bathtub in the bathroom close by. A tiny house for sale such as this would be a good find. This tiny house on wheels is a good place to start if small house living is something you've been considering and your in need of a bit of inspiration.

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