This Tiny House is a Mini Mansion on Wheels

When it comes to small houses on wheels, there are so many different designs and floor plans that are all unique and interesting in their own ways. This tiny home design makes the most of its small space by implementing design concepts, furniture and storage space while all the time utilizing every square foot or inch of space. In a tiny house on wheels, the use of multifunctional furniture and storage also comes into play. You can design a staircase that also doubles as storage, with drawers and doors that reveal little-hidden cubbies where you can have space to put things away. Furniture often will have storage in it as well, for example, a couch can double as storage space with a lid that lifts to reveal a cubby space for storage. Storage ottomans work great as well in providing seating as well as storage, and benches or trunks work well to double as a storage space and a coffee table as well as seating. Some tiny houses even use the space in between the studs of the walls which is sneaky and efficient.

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This tiny house on wheels makes efficient use of space with its all in one washer and dryer, electric wall fireplace, composting toilet and even a full sized refrigerator. The tiny house design has hardwood on the main floor with carpet on the two loft floors, which makes it easy on the knees when you need to crawl upstairs. The sleeping loft is even accessed by a normal staircase which makes is much easier than a ladder especially in the middle of the night. The tiny house building is bright and cheerful and also very modern looking with sleek design and clean lines. The tiny house company did a very nice job of making this small space work and flow beautifully.

This tiny house on wheels was built by Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builder, a tiny house building company that operates out of St. Peters, Missouri. Owners, Emily and Mark, have both been in the housing industry for a long time. The tiny house builders have a variety of small houses on wheels available to choose from to suit most any budget and lifestyle. The tiny home building is comfortable and cozy and gives a true feeling of home away from home with all of the modern day luxuries.

It takes about 12 weeks from start to finish when you order one of these tiny house designs, depending on their waitlist. This is good news if small house living or a tiny house building is in your future. Imagine having your tiny house space in about three months, perfect if you need extra space right away, or you are just hoping to have a vacation home that you've been dreaming about for years. A tiny house on wheels is the perfect way to get the extra space that you need, whether that be for full time living, for use as a guest house, backyard office or writers retreat.

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