Trophy Amish Log Cabins

If you are you looking for an authentic, high-quality, handcrafted Amish log cabins, Trophy Amish Log Cabins is a good place to start. Maybe you want to build your vacation home, a simple wood cabin at the lake, a workshop or artist studio. Or maybe you want to build a high-quality wood cabin to live in full-time. Whatever you need your wood cabin for, Trophy Amish Cabins has a great selection of log cabin designs for you to choose. The company use all natural, solid eastern white pine and high-quality eastern red cedar tongue and groove lumber to build their lovely small log cabins. Each wood cabin is hand built by a team of talented Amish Craftsmen, and they will also create custom log cabin designs as well. Each of the wood cabins begins as a shell; then you can choose options to fit your budget and style. The small log cabins they offer include the 10 foot by 20 foot Lodge cabin, the 10 foot by 20 foot Hunter cabin with a 4-foot porch and loft.

The largest cabin they have measured 12 feet by 32 feet and has 700 square feet of space inside. All of the Extreme log cabin designs are designed to meet the client's needs. All of the log cabins built in their shop and then the roof is taken down then numbered, and everything is then shipped to the client's building site. Once it reaches the building site, the roof is then reassembled to create the home. So, you can have a look at the log cabins designs on the Trophy Amish Cabins website and see which of the log house designs and models would suit your needs and your budget.

Log cabins have high thermal mass potential too since logs store heat and then they release it when the temperatures in the home drop. The heat will not transfer either, so even though temperatures may be freezing outside, the air on the inside of the cabin will stay nice and warm. This makes log cabins and homes very energy efficient. The log cabins from Trophy Amish Cabins are built using D shaped logs, also known as D-logs. This is one of the log profiles used to build log houses and cabins, and it's named for its D shape. The inside of the log is flat, making for a nice, smooth wall on the inside and then curved on the outside of the home giving you that classic, log home look.

For the corner joints of the log, they use the butt-and-pass corner style which is a traditional log home building technique. This style of corner joint will keeps the logs at the same level. Also, you will have a flatter wall inside the home and fewer places for water to get trapped on the outside of the home which is important for log home maintenance. There are also some other things you may want to be aware of such as checking, knots, pressure treating and zoning for your log house or cabin.

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