Enchanting Cottage in a Japanese Forest Has An Incredible Interior - You'll Be Surprised By What's Inside

Sitting on top of a mountain ridge in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan is this enchanting cottage complex named Jikka. It's really something unusual and interesting, and probably like nothing you've ever seen before. The complex is made up of 5 cottages was designed by Japanese architect Issei Suma. It was designed to be like a primitive hut, but an updated version of older huts and tents. The cottage was designed for a social worker and a cook for their community. So there's a cafe in it that is open during the afternoon, and it also is the space the women used for their meal delivery service. From the outside, the cabin complex looks very welcoming and whimsical, like something from a fairytale or movie. The buildings are all tipi shaped made with thin wood panels that create the exterior walls and the roof as well. The entrances of the cottages are arched glass doors that easily slide open and closed as they wanted it to be accessible for those who are disabled. All of the cottages are joined together by the central cottage which is where they have the kitchen and the dining area. The kitchen is a super spacious area with lots of counter top space making it perfect for preparing all of the meals for their clients. They added in a gas stove and oven as well as a large sink and a fridge.

The interior is quite incredible, made out of all concrete walls and floors as well as the base for the island countertop in the kitchen. The ceiling is made white wood, and it's very tall allowing the spaces to feel larger than they are. They also added some ventilation fans in the ceiling to keep fresh air circulating in the space. One of the coolest parts of the home is the hot tub which is wheelchair accessible. This is the perfect place for clients with chronic pain to come and sit for a while to relax while the warm water soothes their aches and pains. In this area, there is also a shower where guests can rinse off after their time in the hot tub. The two women deliver homemade meals to the elderly every day, but they also open up the space to the public every afternoon and serve lunch from 12 to 4. They also provide a room for clients to stay in overnight if they need more care and attention. The bed is nice and close to the hot tub, so it's not too far for those with mobility issues to go. What an inspiring idea and a heartwarming place that these two ladies have created. It really fills a huge need in the world for the care of elderly people and those with disabilities.

It would be the perfect place to be for those who are feeling unwell or who have disabilities. To be helped by two caring people in the comfort of a very accessible home. Not to mention the land it's situated on has some beautiful trees and greenery that can be seen from the windows of the cottages. Building small spaces like this could be easily done in any community that was in need of a space like this. It might be inspirational to other places in the world besides Japan to create these sanctuaries for people, and they could be very useful in North America and in Europe as well. This type of design would also make for a wonderful personal cottage or tiny house. Wouldn't you love to spend some time at this lovely, serene cottage?

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