Simple Modular Cottage on the Prairies From Karoleena Can Be Built In Just Days

The Muskoka cottage is perfect for any setting, which is why it's one of Karoleena Modular Homes' most popular designs. Named after the region called Muskoka in Ontario, an area that is popular for cabin vacations and getaways, the cottage model exudes all of the beauty of the region. Yet, it can be built anywhere and can bring a sense of style and luxury to the traditional idea of a cottage. The home design would also work well for a smaller home as well. This model features 1,591 square feet of space with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on one level. It's also inspired by modern Scandinavian design and features premium finishes. Karoleena outfits all of their homes and cottages with high-end finishes using modular construction techniques to create beautiful homes and cottages that last a lifetime. The best part is, they can have one of these custom modular homes ready in less than six months depending on the design. Since they build all of the homes inside their protected indoor manufacturing building, there will be no weather delays from rain, snow or storms, which keeps the production of the home at a steady pace. The other great thing the company does is deliver the home building materials right to the property and assemble it right there for the customer. So it's a very easy experience for the customer right from start to finish.

Karoleena is also dedicated to high environmental standards and keeping the quality of the materials high, but they also remain affordable too. They implement green technologies, materials, and processes, so these are not only stylish cottages and homes, but they are also eco-friendly too which is something we can all get behind. So how does modular building differ from stick-built homes? Traditional wood framed building is a piece-by-piece process that is done on a building site whereas modular construction uses technology and design software to prefabricate the home into modules that can then be pieced together on the building site later on. Both methods use similar materials and are both created up to building codes as well. They also have many different sizes of homes available too from 250 square foot tiny houses or office buildings to a 3,000 square foot house. They have a few different designs including The Kicking Horse which has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, The Kitsilano with 2 or 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, The Niagara with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and the Muskoka which you see here. Each of the finished homes comes with Karoleena's New Home Warranty; this means that each home is covered for 2 years on cosmetic defects, 5 years for the building envelope and 10 years for structural issues.

One of the other cool things about these homes is that they are approved by Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes. So Karoleena has partnered with The Holmes Group as an official Holmes Approved Homes builder. Karoleena is proud to partner with The Holmes Group as an official Holmes Approved Homes builder with a program that is focused on building a home that has high building standards. That means that they build all of their homes to Mike Holmes’ standards including fire and sound protection, as well as heat recovery systems, high indoor air quality, and durable materials. So with all of that, plus a beautiful, stylish home design, this company has a lot going for it. Customers can get started with their own project by browsing through their line of awesome home designs or getting in touch with them about their own unique home design ideas.

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