Eco Housing Vacation in The Starlight Room

How would you like to spend the night at The Starlight Room? Imagine spending a night sleeping on a mountain surrounded by gorgeous landscape under a blanket of stars. This would be the epitome of romance, snuggled up under the cozy blankets with your loved one, star gazing at night and then being woken to a beautiful sunrise. If this sounds like heaven to you, then you are in luck because this lovely eco-building is available to rent out as a hotel room. The little accommodation is at an altitude of 6,700 feet in Col Gallina in northern Italy. It is also close to a popular ski resort called the Cortina D'ampezzo ski resort which attracts many people each year. The Dolomite mountains surround the area and provide exquisite vistas as far as the eye can see. Wouldn't this be an amazing place to book a vacation and the perfect accommodation to stay in at The Starlight Room?

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The Starlight Room can be open to the sky completely since this part of the tiny house building is made out of glass. There are windows on three sides of the tiny house plan up until a certain point in the design, and then there is even a window on the ceiling which exposes the tiny house building to the sky and makes for the perfect place for star gazing. The rest of the tiny house building is made up of wood and has a large door that takes up the end wall where there is a tiny window. Since the tiny vacation home is not close to any cities, there is no light pollution to deal with, so the night skies will be a beautiful showcase to enjoy. You can also enjoy amazing sunsets and sunrises from this tiny house building with the sky turning all different colors of pink, red and orange. It doesn't bet much better than this tiny house building, and it provides the perfect place to stay. Raniero Campigotto is the designer behind the Starlight Room tiny house building, and he manages Rifugio Col Gallina, as both a designer and a curator, and he also has a nice blog where you will find interesting architectural photos and articles about the tiny house building.

Tiny house buildings like The Starlight Room are probably not the size or the style of tiny house building you would want to live in full time, but they sure do make for a great overnight vacation home. The Starlight Room would be perfect for a couple who are traveling in the area and who wants to stay somewhere that is a little different than a typical hotel or chalet. The small house living is giving rise to a variety of unique tiny house designs that are popping up all around the world. Building tiny house designs is a great way for humans to cut back on their carbon footprint and to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in eco-housing. When people choose to live in smaller homes, they are also choosing to live a life that isn't all about paying off an expensive mortgage for the rest of their lives.

A tiny house building is an excellent way to get the vacation home you've been dreaming about. Tiny house designs make vacation homes affordable for people no matter where they live. The Starlight Room is an inspiring design that may make you want a tiny vacation home of your own. It shows that you don't need a whole lot of space to make a big impact and have something that works for you.

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